Dip Wheels and their Crazy Spoke Design

Dip wheels are manufactured by the Wheel Group, a company that serves the industry with over a dozen different wheel brands that share their expert construction technology. These wheels are made with a signature look that is easily identifiable. Dip Wheels are built with slim stylish spoke designs that work well with SUVs and street cars. On a general note, they come in two finish options, chrome and non-chrome. Certain models of Dip wheels however have a combination of chrome and non-chrome features which allow them to define a unique aesthetic for your car. The spoke designs are however not as simple as they appear from a first glance. We will look at some of the more outstanding wheel models’ spoke profiles.
Dip wheels have very different spokes

Dip Wheels D50

I thought I’d begin with the Dip Wheel D50 series because of its carefully crafted spoke structure. The D50 has an exclusive 15 spoke structure. That’s one spoke design that you don’t find everywhere. The beautifully crafted wheel is made to provide adequate support and each spoke therefore expands in thickness towards the center while curving outwards onto the rim. It comes with both non chrome (machined face) and chrome options and is built with a highly durable material that keeps it lasting for years.
Dip wheels have very different spokes that fit truck as well

Dip Wheels Phoenix D36

Phoenix D36 wheels have the thickest spoke profile on the Dip wheels line of wheels. At the center of the spokes is a double slit pattern that creates better air flow and reduces the drag coefficient on the wheels while still retaining its stylistic identity. They also have a curved profile that bends outwards near the center cap. This wheel is created with one piece construction and 15 millimeter rim offset. It comes in black machined and chrome color options.
Dip wheels have very different spokes

Dip Wheels Boomerang D64 Chrome

With only one color option to choose from, the Boomerang D64 is a Dip wheel model that has an inspired spoke pattern. While other wheel series under Dip Wheels feature a straight forward starry spoke profile, this wheel’s spoke design resembles a bio hazard warning. Each spoke is designed as a curved pair that gives way to an elliptic space between. This gives the wheel both a light structure given that it bears only five of these thin spoke sets and stability due to the robust construction that concentrates much of the weight at the center hub of the wheel. The D64 is thus the wheel to go for when seeking greater speed and performance.

By: Sean Bowes
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