Color Up Your Ride with Konig Wheels

It’s ok to have a little fun with your car. If you are a racer or are into speed then fun is the motto you live by every day to go out for a drive. With Konig Wheels you can have great performance and look good while you are at it too. Konig has been manufacturing wheels for all sectors of the auto market including passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicle to mention a few. Its original line-up has expanded into dozens of series. Now that series include wheels that are finished with flashy colors for drivers who want to get an extra dose of flare while cruising around the street or on the race track.
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Lightning Wheels

The Lightening series from Konig Wheels is the only series in the collection that offers blue and green custom wheel colors. The Lightning wheel is a 10 spoke wheel that is made in 1 5 inch rim size. The Lightning Green wheel features a green coating on the spokes and outer rim and the blue variation applies the same design to its surface. The lip and center cap are the only parts that do not contain additional color and instead bear a machined finish. This series fits brilliantly onto custom painted street and sport cars that have matching tone on their bodies.
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Candy Red

Konig’s Candy Red is a 5 spoke wheel with a robust look and a red tone on both the spokes and outer rim. Just like the Lightning series the lip on the Konig Candy red bears a plain machined face. Below the flange is a beadlock ring that sets the wheel’s identity as a unique series from Konig. It comes in a 15 by 7.5 inch size spec and no center cap thus allowing extra customization.

Going Gold

If you are looking to go for gold with your wheel color, then Konig offers more than just one solution. You can pick your preferred golden touch from four different Konig series including the Centigram, Candy, Feather and Milligram series. They each differ in intensity. The golden tones on the Konig Candy Gold wheel and Konig Centigram wheel for instance have a shiner luster to them than the Milligram and Feather. In addition to this the variety of option allows you to select amongst other wheel specs such as spoke size and pattern as well as rim size.
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Striped Wheels

If you aren’t into complete color makeovers on your wheels then you could also opt for the accented wheels under the Konig Forward series which bear stripes around the flanges of either red, orange or pink color.

By: Sean Bowes
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