2015 Ford F-450 Boasts Best-In-Class Towing

Amongst dually truck owners, there is always one question that seems to linger: who has the best towing capabilities? Well, for the 2015 year, that title belongs to today’s most beastly truck, the Ford F-450, who has a towing capability of an astonishing 31,200 pounds!
Ford F-450

Across the industry, this monster has been pulling in rave reviews, with everybody drooling over its never before seen strength. Edmunds says of the F-450 truck, “With those super-heavy loads in mind, Ford has given the granddaddy of its Super Duty trucks added power and an upgraded chassis this year, allowing it to pull more than ever before. From a towing perspective, the changes to the 2015 Ford F-450 are massive.”

“It comes with just one powertrain, the highly capable 6.7-liter diesel V8 that’s been significantly revised to produce 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque (up from 400 and 800, respectfully). Ford has also upgraded the wheels, steering, suspension, and fifth-wheel gooseneck to increase towing power.”

How Does the Ford F-450 Compare to Others In Its Class?

Throughout much of 2014, there was an ongoing battle over whether or not the Ford F-450 should actually be considered the king of class 3 vehicles. The reason behind this dispute: Dodge and other competitor companies claimed that Ford was cheating the class 3 weight system.

Things got so heated between the companies that Dodge went as far as threatening to take Ford to court over Ford’s claims that the F-450 was in fact a class 3 vehicle. Ford, however, squashed all of these problems by releasing an official report that they were in fact in complete compliance with all of the class 3 weight guidelines.

In an official statement, Ford further rubbed Dodge’s nose in the dirt by saying, “We leave no doubt with customers that the F-450 pickup truck has best-in-class towing of 31,200 pounds- whether tested using internal towing standards or SAE J2807.”

But exactly how much more towing power does the F-450 have over its competitors?? The answer is that it’s an UNBELIEVABLE 2,200 pounds better than its closest competitor. Now that’s some grown man power.
Ford F-450

Increase Your Dually’s Power Even Further

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By: Tim Snyder
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