Moto Metal Wheels Articles and Reviews

A Little Shine Goes a Long Way
There is something exciting about a new set of chrome wheels. Maybe it’s the way it reflects the road you are travelling on as you move or just the simple clean look it gives. Either way it’s a finish that you want to stay for a long time. Moto Metal’s chrome wheels have the kind of finish that can last for ages before needing a replacement.
An In-Depth Look At Moto Metal Wheels
With a Rock N’ Roll name and an aggressive style, Moto Metal Wheels are quickly becoming one of the most popular brands for off-roaders. With headquarters in California and a solid warranty from manufacturers, it makes sense for truck owners to check out the latest custom wheels from Moto Metal.Click Here to see which popular models we looked at.
Moto Metal Wheels Are Back in Black
To compliment the black profile on your car, they have a fine array of black wheels that will suit you. These wheels come in a wide variety of black variations. There are plain black wheels, matte black, satin black and glossy black and matte black machined to name a few.
Moto Metal Wheels Will Fit Multiple Lug Applications
Not every truck/SUV wheel out there is manufactured with all possible lug applications in mind. Some come in 4 lug patterns and others are offered in 8 lug patterns. Having a well-structured lug pattern in your wheel is essential to assuring a firm connection to the vehicle’s axle. Fortunately, these wheels are made in multiple lug patterns.