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An In-Depth Look At Moto Metal Wheels

In recent years there have been many companies pop up, seemingly overnight, with promises of durable wheels and wild designs. Unfortunately, a lot of these wheel brands do not support the off-road community with warranties or quality products.

If you search online forums or reviews on some “lesser-known” wheel brands, you can find horror stories about spokes breaking and aluminum wheels cracking at the worse possible moments.

Since we are surrounded by truck owners and 4wheelers every day at 4wheelonline.com we thought it would be fun to take a more intimate look at one of the most popular wheel companies in our catalogue.

Moto Metal Wheels have a terrific following with the lifted truck and Dodge Cummins communities. Their wheels have been featured on award winning Jeeps and SUVs, too. Additionally, their products have helped professional race teams take home the gold in fierce off-road competitions. So naturally, we needed to see what all the fuss was about.

Their Most Popular Wheels

For off-roaders who are looking for the most durable off-roading wheels that come with a modern look that still turns heads at the strip, they usually come across the Moto Metal wheels. Each of their wheels are sold with a great manufacturer warranty, so truck owners can travel with peace of mind when traveling on the highway.

However, with a huge selection of different wheels and styles, it can be difficult to choose which Moto Metal Wheelsto purchase. Luckily, we picked a handful of popular models off our shelves to give you a clear look at the quality of Moto Metal wheels.

  • Moto Metal 964:  These cast wheels have the luxury look of shiny chrome with a traditional six-spoke pattern. Made to fit most SUV and Trucks, the 964 is available in sizes from 18 to 22 inches. The wheels also feature a slick “bead lock look” which has been a popular option for off-road minded truck owners. The deep-dish wheels also add a wild depth to any ride’s looks. The wheel is also available in a black matte finish for the less flashy owner.

  • Moto Metal 968: Wow! These wheels are wild. Moto Metal offers the 968 in an eight-spoke design for 8-lug wheel patterns. The Satin Black finish on the magnesium alloy blended wheel looks amazing and rolls smooth. For off-roaders who are looking to bounce around serious terrain or will be towing with heavy loads, the eight-spoke wheel design looks capable of handling anything enthusiasts can throw at it.

  • Moto Metal MO 951:  The Moto Metal MO951 is perfect for truck owners that are indesisive. One of the most common calls we get at 4WheelOnline.com is “Which wheels look better, the black or the chrome?” With the MO 951, you don’t have the decide. This cast wheels has a black finish with elegant chrome accents. Similar to the 968, this wheel has an eight-lug, eight spoke design for added strenghth and comfort.

Who Makes Moto Metal Wheels?

According to the Wheel Pros, Moto Metal Wheels has one of the biggest names in aftermarket rims backing them up. For the last 50 years, the same company that makes American Racing wheels and KMC Wheels has been rolling out new and innovative rims for truck enthusiasts.

The company’s introduction of Moto Metal wheels came from the motocross subculture in Southern California. With a blend of urban of fashion, high horsepower dirt bikes and lifted trucks, the Moto Metal wheels seems to embody all of these qualities without sacrificing any strength.

All of Moto Metal wheels are manufactured to be as light as possible and with the use of high-quality aluminum, alloy and magnesium metals, the wheels are more durable than OEM steel rims. The lightweight Moto Metal wheels are an excellent choice for desert racers who are victims of brake fatigue and warped rotors. The lighter wheels dissipate heat easer and require less stopping energy, which decreases the chance of brake failure.

So, the when it’s time to upgrade your old OEM wheels to something that will perform on the dirt and look sharp on date night, consider trying a set of Moto Metal, wheels. With a light weight and a sharp style, these wheels are very hard to beat for the price. 

By Sean Bowes

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