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Advanti’s Fascinating Spoke Profiles

Every wheel company has an approach to wheel manufacturing that makes its products different. Some like to make their wheels a bit bigger than the rest. Others innovate on color finishes and others may choose to specialize in a less common material or construction methods like forged steel. Advanti’s signature look for its wheels is its slim spoke profile. By their very nature Advanti wheels are ideal for sports and luxury cars. The slim nature of Advanti spokes allows them to be light and aerodynamically progressive. It’s the kind of combination on a performance wheel that will keep you a couple of feet ahead of competitors is a street race.
Close up of Advanti wheels

Split Spoke Wheels

A split spoke wheel will normally split into two parts as it joins the flange of the wheel. This is a design that Advanti has adopted in a number of its wheel models including the Advanti Fastoso. In the Fastoso’s case, there a 10 spokes which each divide into a pair. Thus the spokes attach to the rim at 20 different points. This creates a great balance of weight along the wheel’s circumference enabling easy handling for the car. The spokes on the Fastoso are also bent at the center to arch bark into the positively offset center cap. In addition to its magnificent spoke pattern this wheel comes in large s19 and 20 inch sizes and bears a machined undercut on the inner surface of the rim.
Close up of Advanti wheels

Twin Spoke Wheels

Twin spoke profiles on Advanti wheels are more common than split spokes. At 4wheelonline there is a total collection of three different spoke wheel series under Advanti available. These include the Advanti Bello, Advanti Kudos and Advanti Prodigo. The Advanti Prodigo and Bello series each have a 10 spoke pattern while the Advanti Kudos bears 9 spokes. The interesting bit to note about Advanti Bello is that it appears more like a combination of a split spoke and twin spoke profile. This is because its spoke merge as pairs near the center cap into a larger metal piece that connects it to the cap. But then they extend from the connecting piece as two sets of widely angled out twin spokes.
Close up of Advanti wheels

Standard Spokes

Beyond the imaginative spoke templates, Advanti also has standard spoke design that have singular pieces stretching out from the enter cap. However as opposed to most other manufacturers, they are all made in a slimmer more elegant shape than significantly minimizes their weight. This gives them a sleek appearance that is as low profile as one would desire.

By: Sean Bowes
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