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A Little Shine Goes a Long Way

There is something exciting about a new set of chrome wheels. Maybe it’s the way it reflects the road you are travelling on as you move or just the simple clean look it gives. Either way it’s a finish that you want to stay for a long time. Moto Metal’s chrome wheels have the kind of finish that can last for ages before needing a replacement. They come in all types of structures, sizes and spoke patterns. Some of them include accents in different colors while others are plain all through. With the wide selection o Moto Metal’s chrome wheel collection you could choose from a few pointers on which models stand out the most would go a long way in helping you pick the best of them all.
Toyota Tundra

Moto Metal MO959 Chrome

With the MO959, what you have is a sturdily built mean machine that is perfect for tearing down off road terrain. With its cast aluminum one piece construction, you get the best sturdiness and durability that cast aluminum has to offer. On the top level it is triple chrome plated for extra protection against elements that could bring down the wheel’s overlay. Given its impeccable polishing, this is a wheel you want to keep looking good… always. It comes in two large rim sizes of 18 and 20 inches.

Moto Metal MO961 Chrome

The MO961 is a deluxe 7 spoke wheel from Moto Metal that is manufactured with both looks and functionality on mind. The Moto MO961 bears a red insert around the flange and this can be alternatively switched with a chrome one. The rest of the wheel maintain the polished chrome look but with a less shiny glare. Just like the MO959, the MO961 is offered in 18 and 20 inch rim sizes.

Moto Metal MO964 Chrome

Some people like their alloy wheel looking a bit more like steel wheels. It is this kind of wheel design that has been adopted by the MO964 on its chrome version. The wheel bears a spoke pattern made of circular spaces instead of regular spokes that comes close to resembling a forged steel wheel. On the lip of the Moto MO964 you will also find a chrome beadlock design all around to cap of the uniform chrome aesthetic. It comes in an extra larger rim size of 22 inches in addition to the 18 and 20 inch wheel specs.
Moto Metal wheel

Moto Metal MO969 Chrome

The Moto MO969 is the second chrome wheel in Moto Metal’s collection that bears red accents. For this wheel the red accents are present on both the spokes and center cap. Each spoke has red inserts lining the middle gap on the spoke and the same design is featured on the slanted wedges that intersect the lugs around the center cap. The MO969 thus presents the most sophisticated chrome design by Moto Metal and just like the MO964 it comes in 18, 20 and 22 inch sizes.

By: Sean Bowes
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