Would You Go Low or Edgy with Dropstars Rims?

Dropstars wheels are luxury wheels that top the aftermarket industry. They have been used by various types of vehicles from SUVs, luxury cars, sedans and sports cars. A Dropstar 644B will look just as great on a Mercedes Benz as it would on a GMC pick-up. So it’s not just the Mercedes that exudes style because pick up drivers are feeling the need to add the touch of luxury on their rides with such wheels.
dropstars wheels

Like many luxury wheels out in the market, Dropstars prides itself in being able to produce large wheel sizes with a variety of lug applications so as to exhaust all options for the user. In addition to this, Dropstars wheels have spoke profiles that keep your selection process simple. There are two types of categories of spoke profiles on Dropstar wheels, the edgier profiles and the low profile ones.

Low Profile Spoke Profiles

When we talk about standard low profile spoke profiles, we mean simple regular spoke shape without additional structure. These spokes are for those who like to maintain a low profile look under the rubber that can equally make a stylish statement and a somber one at that.

dropstars wheels
The Dropstars 643 is a 10 spoke wheel that accomplishes the standard spoke profile look perfectly. The individual spokes are slim in width but thick in the sides and thus give ample structural support because of their definitive structure and number. This wheel has a large positive offset (+42mm) which positions the spokes right at the edge of the flange giving it an up-front presence that is easily noticed.

The Dropstar 644 is another standard low profile option from Dropstars that is worth consideration especially if you are looking to reduce the number of spokes on the wheel. It is a 6 spoke wheel with wider spoke widths than the Dropstar 644B. The spokes are up front and bulge a few mm above the lip’s plane giving it an equally bold look. Just like the Dropstar 643, the Dropstar 644 is available in machined face or satin black spoke finish.

Edgy Spoke Profiles

dropstars wheels
Edgier spoke profiles have more artistic spoke shapes. For Dropstar wheels split spoke designs have been used to present this ideal appearance. The Dropstar 645 for instance has a split spoke design unlike any other. It’s the coolest thing you will ever come across in split spoke design and trust me I have seen a lot of these. Each spike resembles the letter X with a wider upper wedge on the X on the side that attaches to the rim. For the machined face version of the Driopstar 645, this design is excellently accentuated since the machined face finish is only featured on the spokes. With an eight spoke pattern, the edgy X profile on the Dropstar 645 creates an overall mesh like appearance that is irresistible to the eyes.

By: Sean Bowes
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