Turn Your Truck into a Hero with American Force Wheels

If you are using your truck for work, then you have no option but to pay attention to the all the operating costs involved. This is because a smart businessperson keeps all the receipts for operating the assets. Therefore, if you are a smart one, you will consider commercial truck wheels for purpose of improved performance, cost saving and because they make your truck stand out.
Ford F-250 jacked with wheels

For several years, American Force wheels has been designing and manufacturing custom 19.5-inch big wheels. These wheels are not only unique but also unbelievable strong. Despite some metal being cut off to beautify your truck, they are unbelievable strong to accomplish the job.

A set of American Force wheels is approximately $2,900. That sounds like a lot of money. However, remember you paid a premium amount for your heavy-duty truck. This is a clear indication that you value expensive tools. A 19.5-inch America Force wheel is not only cool but also beautiful.


You may wonder why you should spend all that money on a set of wheels. Nevertheless, one thing that you are sure to enjoy is longevity. A hardworking HD truck owner cruises approximately 25,000 miles out of a set of wheels. Hence, American Force commercial wheels can run down the road for around 100, 000 miles. Figure that out and do the mathematics. How much are you going to save with American Force Wheels? Additionally, how may trips to the wheel store and alignment shop will you save yourself?
White Ford dually jacked with wheels

Stability and Styling

Stability is another benefit you will gain from using American Force wheels. According to truck owners who have tried a combination of American Force wheels and tires, the combination makes the trucks more stable or surefooted.

"The dedicated heavy-duty work truck is often neglected when it comes to customized styling, but not by American Force Wheels," company President Ray Shadravan said. "Our new HD dually design delivers all the function demanded by the hardest working trucks, while still offering a great unique look."

Black Ford F-250 jacked with wheels
The wheels feature a heavy-duty application that enables you to pair them with commercial-grade semi-truck tires. This makes your tires to have a longer tire life in addition to increased towing capacity and load-carrying capacity.

Furthermore, American Force wheels feature a mirror polish finish and easily and directly bolt more. What is more? You enjoy a lifetime warranty with American Force wheels.

By: Jon Aragon
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