Will Monster Energy and Kyle Busch Go Down as the Greatest Racing Team Ever?

In late 2011, Monster Energy was waiting patiently to make a big time splash in the NASCAR world. At the time, they had already started their takeover of the motocross and extreme sports’ worlds. But they knew that NASCAR was another animal. Dominating the world’s most prestigious racing circuit was the perfect opportunity for them to prove that their company and their products were the very best.

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Monster Teams with the Busch Brothers

Enter stage right: the Busch brothers, Kyle and Kurt. After a relatively disappointing 2011 season, the Busch duo was looking to make a change in sponsorship. They wanted to win, and they needed a company that could give them the platform. So they signed with Monster Energy, knowing that the company was the perfect partner.

Kyle Busch said of the partnership, “Since debuting in NASCAR, Kyle Busch Motorsports has had the goal to add a championship-caliber Nationwide Series team to our organization. With today’s announcement of Monster Energy as primary sponsor and my brother Kurt as the second driver, we’ve accomplished that goal.”

For Monster Energy, it was a move that proved the power of their products and the respect of their brand. It also immediately catapulted them into championship contention. Much of this is thanks to younger brother Kyle Busch. At 28 years old, Busch is already drawing comparisons to some of the greatest drivers in the history of the business. According to author Paul Carreau, “Clearly, Busch has already proved himself worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as some of the legends of the sport. But the potential is there for him to be even better.”

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Will Kyle Busch Be the Greatest?

However, a statement proclaiming that Busch could have the potential to be the greatest of all-time is controversial amongst racing fanatics. To many NASCAR fans, Jimmie Johnson is clearly the best driver in the sport today, maybe even all-time. While their opinion may have some validity, it is important to remember that his rival, Kyle Busch, is nearly ten years younger than him (28 years old vs. 37). Trying to compare their careers side by side is like comparing apples and oranges.

Jimmie Johnson is a fully polished driver with a pedigree that can only come from experience and age. Like many great, historic drivers, Johnson at 37 years old is in the prime of his career. Richard Petty’s prime was from ages 30-38, while Dale Earnhardt’s prime was from ages 35-42. Remember, Busch is only 28 years old!

In fact, if we compare the Busch’s career to Johnson’s career at 28 years old, Busch slaughters Johnson in nearly every conceivable way. Just take a look at Sprint Cup wins: Busch has 28 victories compared to the 14 that Johnson had at 28 years old. Legendary driver Darrel Waltrip is equally impressed by Busch. He says, “One of the things I like about Kyle is that he is a throwback to the old school way of things…You can’t ignore the God-given talent this young man has behind the wheel.”

For Monster Energy, Kyle Busch represents power, production, and a new wave of style and speed. Basically, he represents everything that the company stands for. Fellow Monster Energy athlete Jamie Bestwick says, “It’s great to have [Kyle Busch] join the Monster team and be wearing the ‘Claw’. He has the right attitude for Monster and he’s a proven winner, which is what Monster is all about.” Do you want to be a Part of it? 4WheelOnline offers a Full Line of Monster Energy Wheels.

By: Tim Snyder
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