Why You Should Get Toyo Tires

Toyo Company was started in 1996. It has been a representation of performance, quality, innovation and excellence for more than 65 years. The company provides a unique and complete selection of replacement tires for almost every model and make including light trucks, high performance cars, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles and even SUVs. A high percentage of the tires are manufactured in the United States. With Toyo tires, you get eco-friendly, longer lasting and safer tires for your vehicle.
Red NSX with Toyo racing tires


With Toyo tires, you do not need to worry about the road conditions. This is because the tires have undergone a computer simulation as well as on-road testing that make them long lasting in even challenging road conditions. For example, the Open Country M/T tires feature a three-ply casing that makes it strong that not only improves handling and durability but also maintains load capacity even on high-speed and long trips. Toyo Company is one of the few companies that incorporate this unique technology in all of their mud terrain tires.

Enhanced Comfort

In most cases, you may not even realize how smooth you ride can turn to be with Toyo Tires. Ideally, it is impossible to see if you are using a rough and noisy tire. Just like any other driver, you may find the pipe resonance whistle that occurs at high speed annoying. However, with the silent wall technology featured in most Toyo tires this annoying noise is reduced. The tires are further built with Toyo Advanced Tire Operation Module to create extremely balanced and uniformed tires that not only ride smoothly but also wear evenly. All the mentioned and a lot more, make Toyo Tires your first choice.
Champ Truck with Toyo off-road tires


Performance is associated with safety. This is because performance is not just acceleration, cornering, speed or braking. It is also about ensuring excellent tread on the road and advanced control that will enable you to arrive at your destination safely. Toyo engineers have invented various ways of incorporating natural materials such as walnut shells into their product materials. This makes it safer for you and your passengers as well as the environment.


Toyo Company also put into consideration performance in environmental terms. Therefore, if you are environmentally conscious, these are the perfect tire for you. The tires are built in better ways that you may fail to notice. For example, the company uses technology, which is its global initiative to combine ecology and technology. Using technology, the company is working to utilize minimal energy and reduce its environmental effects in the performance, composition and manufacture of each of its product.
Up close with Toyo truck tires


Coupled with unique features that ensure safety, comfort, durability and ecology, Toyo further incorporates the aspect of testing. The company applies innovation, advance technology and testing in all of its tires. Ranging from their state-of-the art testing and racing performance, the company utilize this knowledge to produce the best products on the market.

By: Jon Aragon
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