Why You Should Get BACKRACK for Your Truck

BACKRACK has been designing and manufacturing some of the best products on the market for about 20 years. Since their entrance into the industry, competitors have tried their best to copy BACKRACK™ products. However, that is a near impossible task, especially since BACKRACK has distinguished, original products that are perfectly tailored to fit your truck.
Headache rack by BackRack

For example, the BACKRACK headache rack is uniquely designed to provide an excellent protection as well as safety to your cargo. The headache rack from BACKRACK is firmly constructed and built with highest quality materials making them strong and rugged. There are many reasons why you should add a BACKRACK headache rack to your truck.


You no do not to drill holes in order to install BACKRACK Headache Rack. Take note that drilling holes into the sheet metal of your truck is against male code of ethics. Additionally, it will cost you money at the end. Therefore, BACKRACK designs its products with effective bolts that do not need drilling.

But if your truck does not have stake pockets, you have no option but to break the code. The pocket bolts are custom designed for every truck model. Furthermore, the pocket bolts fastens directly on your truck’s body. Therefore, if you require the strongest accessories for your truck, get BACKRACK Headache Rack to handle effectively any load with rope, ratchet straps or chains.
Close up of a Headache rack by BackRack

Custom Made

BACKRACK Headache Rack is custom made to fit your truck. Trucks are available in different widths while cabs come in different heights. It is important to note that one BACKRACK that is designed to fit all types of trucks might be convenient and particularly for the manufacturer.

However, it might fail to give your truck an attractive look. BACKRACK’s competitors try to manufacture one size fit back racks but fail to consider how your truck will look. This is one reason why you should ensure that headache rack comes from BACKRACK and no any other brand on the market.
Headache rack by BackRack


Headache racks from BACKRACK are North American made quality products that you will want to have for your truck. Twenty years ago, the BACKRACK Headache Rack was designed and built to meet the customer’s needs, and these expectations still continue today. The company has excellent management to ensure that the products are of high quality. All the manufacturing processes are modern.

Key Features

The headache rack is built with two horizontal flat steel bars that effectively protect the window.

You can easily secure your cargo using BACKRACK headache rack compared buying safety rack

The headache rack will give your truck a stylish look.

In comparison to Safety Rack, BACKRACK headache rack is more receptive to light brackets.

By: Jon Aragon
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