Which Westin Bull Bar to Pick and Why

For over 33 years, Westin has been balancing good design with great functionality through its range of products. This can be seen in everything Westin produces from bed mats to hood scoops, flood rails, light bars and truck racks to name a few. It makes sure this top notch reaches every truck driver through a large chain of retailers and distributors. Amongst Westin’s most recognized product lines is its bull bars.
westin chrome bull bar

These bull bars are designed to keep your safety guaranteed during your journeys. At night, it is easy to bump into animals especially when driving outside street parameters. They thus shield the car’s body from significant impact in such scenarios. Westin bull bars are made in three series, the E-series, the Ultimate series and the Max Winch series.


The E-series of Westin Bull bars is a polished stainless steel bull bar that is fitted with a set of properties that in themselves guarantee long lasting performances and robust resistance against wear and dent. Its stainless steel construction gives it a high resistance to corrosion. You can therefore get your truck out in the heaviest rain and wash it off without worrying about natural rusting effects.
Black Ford with westin chrome bull bar

With a 3 inch diameter tubing, the E-series Westin bull bar offers the standard level of rigidity to keep steady in the face of hard impacts. To top it all off, the bull bar requires no drilling for installation and therefore makes setting up process as easy as pie. This bull bar is made for a custom fit on various vehicle models including GMC/Chevy’s, Fords, Dodges, Lincolns and Toyotas.


The Ultimate series of bull bars from Westin covers a much larger range of truck makes than the E-series. The additional vehicles include Hummers, Honda, Jeep, Nissan and Mercury. It sports several structural differences as well. If you feel the rust protection offered by the E-series is not enough, the Ultimate Westin bull bar series comes with a chrome plated stainless option which further prevents oxidation. Alternatively you could also opt for the tough black powder coated finish if a black finish is more to your taste. A new 2.5 inch compact bull bar from the Ultimate series is also available for drivers looking for bull bars that take up less front edge space.
White Ford westin chrome bull bar

Max Winch

The new Westin Max Winch bull bar is a multiple function bull bar. It serves as a bull bar, a winch support system and a light bar. Just like its fellow series it is built off a three-inch diameter steel tubing and will attach directly to the winch tray from the Westin Max Winch mounting system. One Max Winch bar can have three 8 inch lights mounted on it thus assuring optimal lighting range if you ever need to use it in the dark.

By: Sean Bowes
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