What You Need To Know About the New Nitto Exo Grappler

Recently Nitto unveiled its new tire for 2014, the Nitto Exo Grappler AWT. These tires are designed for serious off road enthusiasts as they can meet any weather condition you may want to drive on. Since they were launched, these wheels have been sending shockwaves in the industry as they have set the bar high for other players.
The new EXO Grappler

To better understand these new Nitto tires, below are some of their key features and benefits that make them stand out. There are quite a number of features that make these tires stand out but the ones discussed below are the main ones that off road enthusiasts may find important.

Dual Sidewall Designs

The new Nitto Exo Grapplers have dual sidewall designs giving you the option of choosing the exact look you want your tires to have. One side of these tires has Y-shaped buttresses while the other side has three-dimensional buttresses. This unique feature makes these tires stand out on the road. One great thing about these tires is that even with the unbalanced designs, they are still uniform overall.

They also have a 3-ply sidewall that improves resistance against punctures and makes the wheels perfect for dirt surfaces.
Toyota truck with The new EXO Grappler

Winter Ready Tires

Unlike other performance tires on the market, these tires have been tested and proven to be reliable on winter conditions. The sipes and large lateral grooves create biting edges as well as allowing evacuation of snow and water. The materials used on these tires improve traction in freezing temperatures. This means that your truck will not slide even when driving on snow. For those who want to further improve traction, you can add the TSMI #15 studs to these tires.

Gear Shaped Block Edges

These tires have the gear shaped block edges that help reinforce the centre tread blocks. This ensures the contact between the tire and the road is stabilized. These gear shaped block edges reduce stone drilling and stone retention. This is a good feature for those who regularly drive off road.
Nitto logo

Made With Durable Materials

These tires are made with a special mix of high strength polymers, wear resistant materials and natural rubber. This combination makes these tires strong and durable, perfect for driving on unpaved gravel roads. This type of durability ensures you do not have to replace your tires every so often with every little scratch.

Quiet On the Road

These tires have computer analyzed tread block patterns that will ensure your ride is quiet even at high speeds. This is particularly useful for racing enthusiasts.

By: James Langston
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