Westin Bull Bars

The Ultimate Westin Bull Bars

Ultimate are Westin's premium line of bull bars. These Westin Bull Bars are available in Chrome and Black Powder Coat, and Westin Ultimate Bull Bars have mounts for a pair of driving lights. With its "signature" style Westin logo and ABS plastic cross tube caps, its clear that the Westin Ultimate Bull Bar deserves its name! Learn More

E-Series are the Westin Bull Bar that is made specifically for those who want a quality Westin Bull Bar at an affordable price! With Westin E-Series you get a Stainless Steel Finish with a lifetime warranty, a rugged functional look and the ability to mount a pair of driving lights. The E-Series Westin Bull Bar features the "Block Style" Westin Logo. Learn More

Add Driving Lights to Your Westin Bull Bar! Learn More

Westin E-Series Bull Bar
Westin Bull Bars Articles and Reviews
Which Westin Bull Bar to Pick and Why
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For over 33 years, Westin has been balancing good design with great functionality through its range of products. This can be seen in everything Westin produces from bed mats to hood scoops, flood rails, light bars and truck racks to name a few. It makes sure this top notch reaches every truck driver through a large chain of retailers and distributors. Amongst Westin’s most recognized product lines is its bull bars.
Protecting Your Vehicle with Westin Bull Bars
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Westin bull bar is the ultimate product to give your truck an off-road character. It is manufactured from black powder coated mild steel or chrome plated stainless steel. For larger trucks and SUVs it is designed with a tube of 3 inches in diameter while for smaller vehicles, the tube is 2.5 inches. The bull bar is a bolt on and includes a complete vehicle specific mounting kit hence no drilling is required.

Bull Bar History

The term "Bull Bar" originally referred to any front end vehicle attachment that was intended to defray or mitigate the effects of a head on collision with wayward wildlife. In most parts of the world outside the sphere of city lights, the potential is high for this type of unexpected encounter. Cattle, deer, oxen, etc all have the potential to witlessly wander into your path and ruin your day if not endanger your life at any time. Because of this potential for disaster, the products we know today as "Bull Bars" began their evolution from often unsightly makeshift metal welded to the vehicle frame to the refined, rugged looking, easy to install Westin Bull Bars that are available today. Westin Bull Bars represent the perfect balance of function with style. Most late model trucks and SUVs now look as though they were designed specifically to accommodate the addition of a Bull Bar. When you choose a Westin Bull Bar, you get the best period. Westin Bull Bars are the most popular Bull Bars on the road, look around, chances are if you see a Bull Bars, it has the Westin logo. Westin Bull Bars can be equally as effective in preventing vehicle damage from careless drivers. If you often parallel park your vehicle, a Westin Bull Bar is a must have to keep your front end free of scuffs and scratches. Get a Westin Bull Bar today and discover the difference!

Westin Bull Bars are available in two varieties

Westin Ultimate Bull Bars, live up to their name with the highest quality of construction and finish! Westin Ultimate Bull Bars are available in Chrome and Black Powder Coat. Westin Ultimate Bull Bars in Chrome Finish are backed by a lifetime warranty. The beautiful chrome finish is guaranteed to enhace the look of any truck or SUV for a lifetime! Westin Ultimate Bull Bars in Black Powder Coat finish are backed by a five year warranty, more than any other powder coated bull bar! Westin Ultimate Bull bars in either finish feature a stainless steel skid plate with a "signature style" Westin logo. For further refinement, Westin Ultimate Bull Bars feature black molded weld cap covers at the point where the hoop meets the cross-tube. Like all Westin Bull Bars, Westin Ultimate Bull Bars allow the for the mounting of a pair of driving lights. Westin Ultimate Bull Bars install easily to factory mount points with no drilling or vehicle modification. Westin Ultimate Bull Bars are available for a large variety of vehicles from heavy duty trucks to light duty SUVs. Westin Ultimate Bull Bars for full size trucks and SUVs are constructed from 3 inch tubing, while medium size vehicles feature 2.5 inch tubing for a look that is properly sized in relation to the vehicle. Choose Westin Ultimate Bull Bars for the signature of quality and style!

Westin E-Series Bull Bars are built especially for those seeking a combination of well known Westin quality, economical pricing and real rugged functionality. Like all Westin Bull Bars, the E-Series can mount a pair of driving lights and installs easily in minutes to factory mount points with no driling. E-Series Westin Bull Bars has a stainless skid plate with rugged laser cut "block style" Westin logo! The Westin E-Series Bull Bars are all constructed from 3 inch stainless steel tubing. Go with a Westin E-Series Bull Bar for no-nonsense functionality and affordable front end protection. Westin Bull Bars are made to last forever and the E-Series proves it with a lifetime warranty.