Weld Wheels Articles and Reviews

Weld Racing Drivers Use the Six Wheel Series
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If there is something that Weld Racing prides itself in it is the fact that it has a foothold in several automobile tire markets. It manufactures wheels for trucks, street cars and motorsport cars. When it comes to drag racing, its seven wheel series have featured in championships and helped several drivers scoop titles. Read More...
Weld Racing Wheels: The Ultimate Pick for A Race Car
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Weld Racing wheels are known to be the ultimate pick for a racing car. They are built with forged metal and can thus manage the forces that race cars prevail over on the race track. But this is not the only place where Weld wheels give superb performance. They are also ideal for the street, off road excursions and highways.
Weld Wheels - A Long History in Performance
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Weld Racing, a leading force in all things wheels and racing, is starting their 2014 season with some sweet wheels at 4WheelOnline.com. Their wheels have made them the champions of all things sprint car racing, and it should come to no surprise; no manufacturer in the world have been able to touch their 8,0000 professional wins. Click Here to see what’s next for Weld Racing.