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Vorsteiner offers the highest quality carbon fiber body kits, wheels, exhaust systems and accessories for high-end performance and elite vehicles such as BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Roll Royce, McLaren and Jaguar. Vorsteiner products are manufactured using the latest and premium manufacturing technology and rigorously tested and pass the highly-detailed quality control to produce the most advanced and innovative parts that are unrivaled in quality and aesthetic beauty. Level up your vehicle with these highly-recommended performance parts and accessories.

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Vorsteiner is a company that uses imagination and premium materials to make the highest quality parts for luxurey Cars, Trucks and SUVs. Vorsteiner has embarked on a quest to create unmatched flawless car parts. Vorsteiner carbon fiber craftsmen design high end parts for high end vehicles. 


Vorsteiner's vision is very simple: Create great products and then put them in the hands of auto enthusiasts everywhere. The Vorsteiner vision is to design exceptional Vorsteiner Wheels, Carbon Fiber Kits, Automotive Body Kits. Pushing the limits of technology and innovation, Vorsteiner will continue to be leaders in premium composite manufacturing technology.


Each Vorsteiner item is thoroughly tested and must pass a rigorous point by point quality control inspection before leaving the Vorsteiner manufacturing plant. Only after the Vorsteiner testing process can a part be deemed worthy of the Vorsteiner name. Our customers expect perfection from Vorsteiner, and they welcome and exceed these expectations.



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