Understanding the Essentials of Tire Selection with Kumho Tires

No one is born a tire expert. We all learn the tricks of good tire qualities with time. Some people get to learn the hard way and some people do it the easier way by getting in touch with the basics of good tire properties. Kumho tires are made with these same properties in mind. The Korean company which started out in 1960 as Samyang tire now has an assortment of performance specific tires which detailed specs to give you all the options to produce an optimal driving experience.
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It is this approach to tire manufacturing that has made Kumho tires a global brand: that and its strategic partnership with UNI Royal, the American tire distributor that has helped Kumho enter the American market. So what exactly are these performance standards that Kumho abides by so firmly?

Weather Proof Rating

Not every tire can perform as well on a wet road as it will on dry roads and not every tire can do the same on a dry road as it will on a wet one. The difference between tread design determines which weather a tire can perform best in or whether it can perform equally well in all. So for Kumho tires, you can expect satisfactory performance in all types of weather. The performance categories are hence formatted into three types: All Season, Touring and Performance tires.
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Performance Tires

A performance tire can do a good job on both wet and dry surfaces but the setback is in the noise produced as a result. At the same time the treads wear off faster. This is because their tread designs allow maximum grip and release on dry and wet surfaces dispelling all elements from water and gravel. But to do this the rubber must suffer.

All Season

An all season tire might not give as much speed and handling capabilities as a performance as a performance tire but it will surely last longer and work perfectly in snow, mud, rain, sand, plain tarmac and all sorts of road conditions. You are assured of driving out in the most trying weather and drive back home with a tread life that will last for years. Some examples of Kumho tires that are built for all season driving are the Eco Solus and the Road Venture APT. Typically these two Kumho tires are made to fit into light trucks, SUVs and CUVs which are the vehicle categories normally used for long distance travelling.
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With a Touring tire what you get is a balanced wheel whose qualities lie somewhere in the middle of all season and performance tire designs. This means that they have good tread wear characteristics and can last for long but at the same time they have good handling and grip enabling them to function as performance tires as well. With the kind of construction that goes into building Kumho Touring tires, the material used ensures that noise levels are kept at a minimum. With such an amazing combination of versatile features, Touring tires are a bit pricier than the rest.

By: Sean Bowes
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