Undercover Tonneau Makes the Ultimate Investment

In the college sports world, it’s easy to tell when a program has reached the highest stratosphere just by looking at the money that they invest in their program. For example, Oregon, who has been at the top of the college football world for years, invested 68 million dollars in a new facility (Check out the amazing video tour to the right). They do this because they know that the product that they put on the field will be that much better because of their investment.

undercoverEach Tonneau cover travels through 1800 feet of track.
Recently, Undercover Tonneau has made a similar investment, dropping a whopping 5 million dollars on a new facility. David Wells, the president of Undercover, says, “This is a sizeable investment by our company, so we can give you the highest quality, delivered in time at the standards that you expect from Undercover. Our investment for you is going to pay off in the best possible quality cover that you can buy.”

How Does the Undercover Tonneau Facility Work?

In order to produce the highest quality Tonneau cover, the Undercover facilities are designed to keep the product contained during the entire process.  Like a baby in the womb, the Tonneau is never exposed to ambient air, which is accomplished by having the product travel through a secured tunnel system.

The secured tunnel system delivers the Tonneau into a booth that cleanses it of all dirt and grime. Inside of that booth, Undercover controls all of the elements, making sure there are no particles, no dust, no anything. Overall, the products produced by Undercover travel over 1800 feet of track, which help to solidify the excellence that Undercover is known for.

Undercover - Finely Painted Covers

undercoverAfter only a couple of days, your Undercover Tonneau will be ready for the road.
When industry insiders claimed that there was no market for black Tonneau covers, Undercover didn’t flinch. Inside of their manufacturing facility, they continued on producing Tonneau covers of all colors (including black), and this is one of the main reasons that they have risen to the top of the Tonneau industry.

In order to make sure that their paint and finishing is the very best, Undercover has teamed up with Dupont paint. Dupont paint is environmentally friendly and one of the highest quality paints that could be applied to a Tonneau cover product.

After One Last Look, All We Can See Is Excellence

At the end of the entire process, Tonneau experts overlook the product as they buff and polish the newly created product. This elite facility helps Undercover produce hundreds of Tonneau covers daily. Instead of having to wait weeks for a newly ordered Tonneau cover, Undercover customers will have their new products within days.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on November 15th, 2013
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