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Ultra Wheels now 35% Off. Ultra Wheels Company has a strong principle and has created an identity as a market leader in the wheels industry. The company believes in creating strong durable wheels that have precise fitment. Ultra Rims was started by Jim Smith and has been in operation for more than 26 years. Using quality materials, the company delivers durable wheels and is globally known for its truck and off-road wheels that are built with trend setting focal designs.

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Ultra Wheels Adds Heavy Duty Worx Wheels
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Ultra Wheels adds a new Series, Worx Wheels. For 30 years Ultra Wheels has been one of the most respected wheel companies in the United States. Since 1984, the California based company has manufactured and sold thousands of different wheels to customers around the world. Ultra Wheels has been known for concentrating on luxury and performance wheels for coupes and sedans., but now they have jumped into the truck and SUV world with both feet by adding Worx Wheels to their lineup. Check out with this means for off-roaders HERE.
Ultra Wheels Wins Best New Wheel Award at SEMA 2013
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Ultra Wheels Wins Best New Wheel Award at SEMA 2013. SEMA is the biggest aftermarket auto show in the world. Each year, thousands of companies flock to the Las Vegas desert to compete for all of their coveted awards. These companies know that recognition from SEMA is the most prestigious thing a company could receive. At last year's show, Ultra Wheels gathered the best of SEMA's awards. Check out the full story here.
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