Traxda Leveling Kits

Traxda Leveling Kits are now 25% Off Plus Free Shipping! Traxda is a manufacturing company that makes all of their products in Tucson Arizona, was founded by Greg Pilling in 2011. Traxda has become one of the Premier manufacturers of Leveling Kits. Greg Pilling was one of the founders of Truxxx in 2004, the company that created the leveling kit segment in the truck aftermarket and has the most comprehensive line of leveling kits available on the market, with many more exciting products coming soon.

Their supplier base is top notch, they also supply Raytheon Missile factory, Davis Monthan Air Force base, University of Arizona, and Tucson's Optics Valley. 95% of their supplier spend is within 20 miles of our facility in Tucson. They have deliberately chosen to make their product in Tucson so that they can closely control the quality of their products. While many of Traxda's competitors have chosen to outsource leveling kits to Taiwan, China or India, they has chosen to be more concerned with the quality of their leveling kit than a few more points of profit. As a result of that focus on quality, Traxda is the top producer of leveling kits in the USA.

They pride themselves on quality and on-time shipment, and have embraced just-in-time processes to make sure that their customers are satisfied and the quality remains at the highest level. The people at Traxda are all enthusiasts, and every full time employee has owned a modified vehicle - something Asian competitors can't claim. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

When shopping for a lift kit for your pickup truck or SUV, it is important to keep in mind that there are only a limited number of ways that a lift can be performed.

The method used by Traxda is to relocate the mounting point of the spring that holds the truck up, without changing the location of the stock suspension arms. Traxda uses this method because it makes the lift installation a simple and easier task. This method also doesn't compromise the smooth stock ride. With a coil-over shock style suspension, like in the 2004 Ford F150 Traxda extends the strut length, while retaining the stock spring pressure. This keeps the smooth ride of a stock truck, with no increase in harshness. For a torsion bar style suspension like the 2004 Chevrolet K2500HD, Traxda supply a re-indexed torsion key and shock relocator brackets which changes the location that the torsion spring mounts at without changing the spring tension. Traxda kits also come with complete, full color instructions and alignment specifications customized for your model of truck. We make the process of installing the lift kit or leveling kit a simple task.

The most common method for lifts 4" and greater is to relocate the suspension brackets with a drop-down system, which Pro-Comp pioneered for the 1988 GM IFS and others have copied and improved upon. The basic method involves removing all the suspension from the front of the vehicle and mounting it to a bracket that hangs down 4", 6" -- all the way to 15" from stock. The steering knuckle is replaced with a new cast unit, the drive shafts are made longer and often the track width is increased. The upper control arms are generally not altered, although Pro-Comp does have some kits that do relocate the upper arms down. This method, or a close variation of it, is used by Fabtech, RCD, Pro-Comp, Skyjacker, Superlift and many more.

Another method is to increase the spring pressure that is holding the truck up. This is done by using stiffer springs, adding leaf springs where applicable or airbags - all methods that result in a stiffer ride than stock. Many people find that this changes their smooth stock ride too much, making it intolerably stiff. This is the method that Daystar, Revtech and Tuff Country use for their 2004 Ford F-150 kits.

A fourth method is to install a new spindle that has the axle stub relocated to lift the truck. Fabtech is a major supplier of these spindles for two-wheel drive trucks to make them look like a pre-runner. The advantage is the stock ride is retained, although the installation is not as easy as the Traxda kit, and the kit is more expensive to purchase.