Toyo Tires Open Country Series Covers All Terrain Types

What is it about an off road tire that makes it beat the odds on unbeaten paths? Toyo tires may have an answer for that. Toyo is a company that has been in the business of manufacturing top quality tires for over 65 years. These tires have proven themselves to be remarkably effective and today they are used by various racers in championship race series across the world. For example, B.J. Baldwin has been a 4 time off road racing champion and has won the Dakar Class rally on Toyo tires. The grueling trails that trucks have to pass through to win these off road races require that you use tough long-lasting tires. The Toyo Open Country series is an all terrain series that serves this very purpose.
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The series includes:

• Open Country A/T

• Open Country A/T II

• Open Country MT

• Open Country RT

Open Country A/T

The Toyo Open Country A/T tire has a five rib pattern. This tire has a structure that works equally well on the road and off the road. Designing this tire requires a level of diligence in combining various rugged and aggressive features to produce the off road tenacity needed on an off road tire and smoother streamlined features for highways. The shoulder of the tire is bordered by an open groove which helps in channeling water out of the tire’s contact patch and onto the side of the road. With a unidirectional tread it has the power to produce optimal performance while retaining more traction when you leave tarmac or concrete surfaces.
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Open Country A/T II

With the Toyo Open Country A/T II tire you get to enjoy advanced characteristics that developed past the Open Country A/T tire such as higher tread life. In fact the research unit at Toyo has established a 40 percent difference between the tread life of the Toyo Open Country A/T II tire and other competing off road tires. To prove this reliability, the tire is coupled with a 65000 mile warranty to assure you that the promise of sustained performance is fulfilled.

Open Country MT

For Maximum traction, your best option from Toyo Open Country tires is the Open Country MT tire. As a result, the Open Country MT tire can give sufficient results in snow, rocks and mud as well. This is achieved through a combination of features. It has a four rib pattern that is symmetrical and interlaced into a zigzag pattern across the tread zone. The deep grooves on the tire’s shoulder rib allow water to quickly drift away from the tire path.
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Open Country RT

If you want to join the big leagues at the Dakar rally and other dry and rugged racing series, then the Open Country RT was built just for you. As opposed to the other tires, the Open Country RT has shallower grooves on its surfaces. This gives it easy ground clearance. In addition to this it packs up aggressive styling, amazing traction and durable construction.

By: Sean Bowes
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