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B&W 5th Wheel Hitches

B&W 5th Wheel Hitches - Huge Sale & Free Shipping! B&W 5th Wheel Hitches are proudly made in the USA with impeccable attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process. The result is some of the greatest and most versatile 5th Wheel Hitches made today. B&W 5th Wheel Hitches are currently available in two configurations to suit your towing needs.

The B&W Companion™ 5th Wheel Hitch works with the B&W Turnoverball for installation with NO MOUNTING RAILS. This setup means you can easily switch between towing Gooseneck or 5th Wheel trailers The major emphasis on the B&W 5th Wheel Hitch design was to provide the smoothest ride possible. Ordinary 5th wheel trailer hitches create jarring vibrations when stopping and starting, the problem with this is that the traditional latching systems don't match the kingpin tightly. Special ocking jaws that perfectly fit the king-pin give B&W 5th Wheel Hitches an edge over ordinary 5th wheel trailer hitch. 5th Wheel Hitch features a built-in shock absorber that that allows gentle side-to-side movement without the slamming. This is the ride that every truck owner deserves, and the quality that B&W provides.