Tonno Pro Covers Are Quality Covers That Will Add Value to Any Truck

Tonno Pro truck bed covers, manufactured by Bridgeway Enterprises, have been around for over 3 decades now. With this experience, truck owners are sure to get quality covers that add value to their vehicles without breaking the bank. Tonno Pro covers are not your typical truck covers and they stand above the rest on the market.
Tonno Pro

Below are some of the features that make the Tonno Pro covers a must have for any truck owner.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Tonno pro covers improve the aerodynamics of the truck they are fitted on and this improves fuel efficiency. Improving the truck’s aerodynamics reduces drag as air will flow smoothly from the front to the rear part of the truck. With improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, you can go to your adventures and not worry about refilling your truck after every few miles.

Tonno Pro

Easy To Install

Compared to other tonneau covers, Tonno pro covers are surprisingly easy to install. This is because these covers come preassembled and therefore no cutting or modifications will be required. All you have to do is attach the cover on top of the truck bed and lock it down. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes even for those with no prior installation skills.

Tonno pro covers use the EZ clamps and these ensure no drilling when installing them. This means that your truck will not have any unwanted marks/holes when the cover is removed.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tonno Pro
All Tonno pro covers have limited lifetime warranty on the components and frames. This is very good news for those who drive through harsh off road terrains and maybe worried about damages on their covers. Also included as part of the warranty is a 10 year cover on the vinyl. What this means is that, you can use the cover for 10 years and not worry about the cost of replacing it when damaged during that period. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your adventures.

High Quality Covers

Tonno pro covers are made with marine grade materials that will guarantee protection of the truck bed at all times. These materials are not easily damaged even when you drive through the most extreme off road conditions. They are designed to withstand any weather condition to ensure truck owners gets trouble free adventures.

The seals and stitching used with these covers are also of high quality to guarantee the safety of the cargo being carried.

By: James Langston
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