Tonneau Covers Will Help With Gas Mileage

Tonneau Covers Will Help With Gas Mileage

gasstationGas used to be under 1 dollar/gallon. Today, it’s something that we constantly have to worry about.
In today’s world, life is expensive and so is the gas for your truck. Having a fuel efficient vehicle is vital, but is fuel efficiency even realistic for trucks? Yes, of course. The key is to make sure that your truck is aerodynamic and doesn’t guzzle unnecessary gas. You can do this with the help of a Tonneau Cover.

Aerodynamics… Uh, What Exactly Is That, Again?

Aerodynamics is the study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air (or more clearly, the way your vehicle accelerates through the forces that surround it).

Acceleration =(weight – drag) / mass

Now, there is little that a truck owner can do about the weight and mass of his truck, but there is quite a bit that he can do about the drag.

So, What Is Drag?

When a vehicle is driving down the road, it is being met by a wall of wind that produces what we know as drag. On very windy days, the drag increases and this wall may seem more like re-enforced concrete than say flimsy plaster. There isn’t much we can do about the wind, though.

drag queenThe key to improving your truck’s fuel efficiency is eliminating the drag!
Another factor that can affect the drag is the shape of the vehicle. Less aerodynamically shaped vehicles will increase the drag of your vehicle. For early car manufacturers, aerodynamics was of no concern. Actually, it wasn’t until 1921 when German engineer Edmund Rumpler created the Rumpler-Tropfenauto that aerodynamics was considered. This car (which translates to “tear drop car”) was designed to take the shape of a teardrop, the most aerodynamic shape in nature. Today, all cars are designed with aerodynamics in mind, but what about trucks?

Tonneau Covers

Trucks are inherently designed to be huge and provide drivers with a bed that allows people to haul. Even though this is undoubtedly great, it does hurt the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The extra walls of the truck bed pick up extra wind resistance and make your truck work harder and expend more gas. The key to minimizing this resistance is picking up a Tonneau Cover. Tonneau covers eliminate these extra walls and provide a smooth surface that allows the wind to glide right over.

accesstonneauAccess boasts that their Tonneau Covers improve fuel economy by 11%.
In a recent study by Megan McKernan of The Specialty Equipment Market Association, she concluded “The most important result to take away from this wind tunnel test is the fact that the Tonneau Covers did reduce drag, which would help to improve fuel economy.” Currently, companies like Access and Truxedo even boast that their Tonneau Covers will improve fuel economy by 11%. If you’re looking to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency, the first thing to do is pick up a Tonneau Cover.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 14th, 2013
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