TIS Wheels

TIS Wheels

TIS Wheels are the ideal wheel for your light truck, sedan or sports SUV. The TIS wheels combine sophisticated designs and excellent performance. The wheels are manufactured in accordance with stringent industry standards to ensure quality and durability. TIS rims are also crafted from metal alloys that are lighter compared to conventional steel rims. These chrome- plated wheels are available in 5 and 6 spoke versions. With their highly refined designs, TIS rims give your car a unique look.

TIS Rims

TIS is an iconic name in the Rim Industry, an abbreviation for "Twenty Inches Strong". New wheels are produced each year, they are designed by the kid from East L.A., Myles Kovacz, a celeb in his own right. The designs of these rims have caught the eyes of and graced the cars celebrities from music to sports. We are proud to be a Premier Retailer for TIS.

TIS Luxury Wheels Articles and Reviews
TIS Wheels Are Designed to Be the Ultimate Wheels
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From the world of rock stars to the hip hop scene, TIS wheels are known as the ultimate wheel choice for celebrities striving to upgrade their rides. Hip hop stars such as Nelly and Ciara have already had a taste of TIS wheels on the Ford Mustang. During the 2011 launch of the Ford Mustang GT, Nelly gave huge praise to the vehicle while describing the new version as having “more power, [and] hotter style.” Read More...
Style Your Ride with TIS Wheel
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TIS is the world famous wheel for your SUV, light truck, sport car or sedan. For more than a decade TIS wheels has been designing and manufacturing quality and high performance wheels on the market. TIS wheel is constructed using metal alloys that make them much lighter compared to conventional steel wheels. The wheel is meant not only to complements your truck or car’s image but also give them a distinctive style.
Being Cool with TIS Wheels and President Myles Kovacs
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Myles Kovacs has turned TIS Wheels has developed into the coolest wheel brand on the planet. Much of their success can be contributed to president, Myles Kovacs. Kovacs, a Los Angeles native, is also the founder of Dub Magazine. His leadership and direction has helped to build an empire of style, which he has blended into the TIS image. Check out the full story here.
Pimping Ain't Easy, Unless You Have TIS Wheels
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Tis Wheels have become a popular choice to Pimp out Your Ride. In the 70s, there was an explosion of popularity when it came to the pimping world. Everywhere people wanted to be the next Shaft. They wanted to stick their middle finger up at the man. Of course, to do all of this, you have to have the right ride with all of the best accessories, including TIS Wheels. To check out how some of the coolest people today are pimping their ride, check out our article.

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