Tire Qualities That Match Terrain Texture

Super Swamper tires are off road tires that make the most out of tread performance. If you are a dedicated off road driver then Super Swamper might have the kind of products you want to consider including in your itinerary. Some of them are built wide and thick to provide as much support as necessary in depths of any mud trail while others are made a bit slimmer to provide a quieter experience on the road.
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Slimmer vs Beefed Up

There are two main types of Super Swamper profiles when it comes to thickness. The thicker profile is present in most of the tire models. On a first glance it is evident what these types of tires are constructed for judging by their aggressive appearance. The Super Swamer Bogger, for instance, has a range of rim sizes that begin at 15 by 10 and end at 20 by 12 inches. This covers a set of thirty different weight spec options.

This means that if your tire needs fit within that range you are assured of getting what you are looking for. Slimmer tires within the line up are designed for the highway. A good example is the Super Swamper Trailer Trac tire which is much slimmer and only seven types of weight options ranging between 13 by 5 and 16 by 6.5 inches.
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Sharper vs Smoother Shoulders

Another big differentiating factor between most Super Swamper is in their shoulder profiles. Many of the beefy models are comes with acute edges on the shoulders built specifically for terrain through the toughest mud trails. This allows equal performance levels when the trail is wet and when it’s dry. It is also a better shoulder profile for any tire that is running through snowy weather.

Super Swamper Blogger and the Super Swamer Thornbird are the two tires with the sharpest shoulders in the entire Super Swamper line. While the Super Swamper Trailer Trac and the Super Swamper TrXus STS Tires to reduce their drag coefficients when speeding down highways.
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Void Ratio and Tread Pattern

Tread pattern don’t get more interesting than what you see on a Super Swamper tire. Mud chiseling models such as Super Swamper TSL/SX tire have very rough tread units that are structured to eliminate the chances of forming streamed deposits within the tire’s grooves when moving over wet surfaces. If mud, sand or snow deposits accumulate in the tire, it would lose significant traction and slow down movement. This is why the Bogger and Thornbird have crooked treads and deep void ratios for a robust hold on the ground regardless of its texture.

By: Sean Bowes
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