Prepare for Winter - 6 Tips

snowsport snowy driveway

Don’t get snowed in this winter, be
prepared so you can keep you and your
family safe

With the possibility of another harsh winter ahead it always pays to be prepared. Don’t wait until the blizzard warnings because by then the supplies you need may be sold out. Instead plan in advance and you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature might throw at us.

Keep Connected

Keeping in communication with the outside world is important. Your cellphone allows you to stay in touch with family and friends to make sure they are alright and call 911 if you encounter an emergency. Keep your cell phone charged at all times and if you do have an extended power outage remember you can charge your phone in your vehicle if you have a car charger. Alternatively get a portable cell phone charger that will be good for 3 or 4 cellphone recharges.

Recommended: iGo Charge Anywhere portable cellphone charger, which works with most smartphones.

Keep Access Routes Clear

hd utility plow

SnowSport’s HD Utility Plow will keep
your driveway clear of snow all winter

Don’t allow yourself to get snowed in. Even when the county plows the local roads, if you can’t use your driveway you’ll be stranded. A snow shovel will clear around doorways but a snow plow will ensure you are never completely cut off. Plow often to prevent snow from piling up and use rock salt to keep plowed areas clear.

Recommended: SnowSport Plow fit easily to SUVs, trucks and Jeeps and make light work of heavy snowfalls.

Keep Healthy

Your physical health is all-important when the weather turns cold. If you take any prescription medications make sure you have enough to last out a blizzard. Eating properly also helps maintain good health, so stock up on non-perishable food and bottled water. Pre-cooked food or food that doesn’t require cooking will be useful in the event of a power out.

Recommended: Have enough food and water to last at least 3 days.

Keep Warm

fur hat

Warm clothing is essential in winter

Have plenty of blankets and warm clothing at the ready. Wear layers to keep insulated against the cold and remember to cover extremities (head, hands, face) which loose heat quicker than other parts of the body. Always change out of damp or wet clothes as soon as possible.

Recommended: Hats, gloves, scarves and water resistant shoes.

Keep Active

Maintaining a daily schedule keeps the mind alert and the body active. If ice and snow make outdoor travel an ‘emergency only’ option, having things to do around the house is will help pass the time. Digging out the old board games or a pack of cards lets the family enjoy time together and helps pass the time.

Recommended: Puzzle books, card games and board games to keep people engaged.

Keep an ‘Emergency Kit’

emergency kit

A DIY emergency kit is always
useful around the home

Keep all the basic emergency tools together in an easy to find ‘kit’ such as a kitchen cupboard or sports bag. These include flashlight, batteries, matches, candles, first aid kit and a battery operated radio.

Recommended: Build your own emergency kit with advice form FEMA or your local government website.

By John Bone

Posted on September 27th, 2013
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