Three Interesting Folding Tonneau Cover Brands to Remember

Folding covers are flexible yet rigid tonneau covers. They are flexible because they allow you to access sections of your truck bed according to what size of item you have kept in there. If your tool box is near the tailgate you don’t have to open the entire cover to get it. In a tri-fold cover you would only have to open up the first folding piece.
Bestop tonneau cover

These covers are also rigid, as compared to soft snap and roll up covers in that they are supported by a stable metal frame and are hinged at each folding level thus making sure the cover stays tight at all times. In hard folding covers, the resilience is taken up a notch since the entire cover is made of a hard material such as fiberglass or aluminum. Below are some folding tonneau cover examples.
Truxedo tonneau cover

Bestop EZ Fold

The Bestop EZ Fold is a cleverly designed soft-folding tonneau cover. It runs on EZ fold technology which allows the cover to fold on low profile hinges and rails. Once the cover is fully stretched, it is the only thing that remains visible making it a very smart and tidy addition to the bed. With a leather grain textured vinyl material forming this cover, you can set up the cover and be proud of the results. The tail rails and side rail have a uniform appearance. They are flat, made of aluminum and textured with a simple groove pattern that produces their low profile appeal when the cover is not attached.

Undercover Flex

This hard folding tonneau cover comes with a clean, flat structure. Unlike soft folding covers, Undercover Flex is capable of staying flush with the bed rails. If you took a glance of the cover from a perfectly lateral view on the edge of the bed rail, you would easily miss it. Furthermore they are able to fold in a complete 180 degree angle against each other when opening up the truck bed. That’s how low profile it goes. The most exciting feature that makes them compete strongly with soft folding covers is their amazingly light weight. This is made possible through the FRP composite material used to make the folding panels. This material is more dent resistance than aluminium yet lighter!
Bestop tonneau cover

Truxedo Deuce

In terms of innovation, Truxedo Deuce folding tonneau covers sets the pace. It has been hailed as the first soft roll up and folding tonneau cover in the market. These are two tonneau cover designs in one. If you want to fold the cover, you get to do it from the front of the truck bed. Simply flip each folding section against the next till you reach the tailgate. If you prefer rolling it out then you can start from the tailgate and roll the cover all the way up to the front section of the bed. To make things better, the Truxedo Deuce cover is a soft folding cover made of industrial strength leather grain material, so handling it becomes as easy as pie.

By: Sean Bowes
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