The Salient Features of Borla Exhaust System

Borla Exhaust manufactures some of the finest exhausts systems on the market and is a top name in the motor industry. With more than 25 years of experience, Borla has wide knowledge on high-quality exhaust parts. Each Boral performance part is manufactured using T-304 stainless steel and hence is durable to function in the harshest driving conditions.
Borla exhaust logo with corvette

Award Winning Brand

Borla Exhaust has a well-established state-of-the art testing and development center, Borla has been able to manufacture exhaust parts that not only withstand the test of time but also raise the esteem of race car enthusiasts and engine builders. It has won a number of ‘Best New products Awards’ in the automotive sector and this is attributed to the company’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Advanced Technology

Borla Full exhaust not only amp up your horsepower but also gives your vehicle a fierce growl that is likely to intimidate competition. Furthermore, Borla features an advanced muffler technology that facilitates near zero backpressures as well as quick exhaust flow. If you want exhaust tips, full exhaust system or headers, then Borla has all that you require. Each one is specifically built for your vehicle’s year, make and model to ensure a perfect fit as well as easy installation.
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Superior Performance

Get the Borla’s performance exhaust system and be part of the winner’s cycle. Borla equipped racers have achieved more victory laps compared to any other brand on the market. This has made Boral Exhaust to be number one choice for championship racing teams. For more than three decades, Borla has perfected the art of constructing its performance exhaust system.

Patented muffler designs, 100% stainless-steel construction and custom mandrel-bends prime your truck for full-throttle doses of flow, power and sound. With the help of advanced design, bigger tubes and mandrel bending process, exhaust gases are pushed out of the system to make sure that your car’s engine breathes freely. Borla exhaust is also lightweight and hence it will not add extra load to your vehicle.

Furthermore, with the Borla exhaust, you enjoy million-mile warranty, that is the most comprehensive form of warranty for any exhaust supplier on the market. This means that Borla supports you beyond your purchase day.
Ford f-150 with exhaust

Easy Installation

The precision craftsmanship makes the Borla kit easy to install to the existing original exhaust locations. Therefore, the Borla performance exhaust utilizes vehicle-specific engineering to facilitate unmistakable tone and maximum performance. The kit comes with all the required connectors, hardware, clams and everything you need to easily install the exhaust.

By: Jon Aragon
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