Superswamper Tires’ Wide Sizes Guarantee Better Traction

Interco Tire Corporation has been dedicated to the off road community for many years now and they have shown this by developing the most capable tires for combating unbeaten terrains. The tires have been featured in off road magazines and expos. And it’s not just truckers who have had the privilege to enjoy the performance of Superswamper tires; even muscle cars can be lifted and fitted with a set of Superswampers. The variety of tire sizes allows such customization. If you are looking for a thicker fit of tires, four Superswamper tires come to mind as being naturally constructed for this preference.

Superswamper IROK

The key to the Superswamper IROK’s superior traction lies in its rugged tread design and its width. The IROK tire has a three stage lug design. This design includes a deeply offset block of lugs in the middle and at the shoulder blocks, molded siping on the lugs; and sidewall features that produce additional resistance to slippery elements. In addition to this, the Superswamper IROK’s spec options measure 10.3inches to 16.5 inches; which is clearly a huge difference from other off road tire models from Superswamper such as the Superswamper TrXus MT tire.

Superswamper LTB

Superswamper’s LTB tires share the same three stage lug design as the IROK. However, on the LTB, the shoulder lugs are built with larger lugs within small intervals of the tire’s circumference. By making these sections more robust in shape and width, the traction of the tire is increased. With a bias ply construction to beef up its profile, the Superswamper LTB is largely impervious to rough off road obstacles. Despite the aggressive features, the Superswamper is available in thinner tire widths that range between 9.2 inches and 14 inches.

Superswamper TSL

The TSL tire is a firm off road tire that serves as a great alternative to the Superswamper LTB. It has widely spaced shoulder lugs that are curved slightly to maintain good rotational properties for the tire and its center rib is made up of intersecting lugs that are narrowly spaced out. All these features are packed up in a tread width that ranges between 6.6 and 11.8 inches. The Superswamper LTB is available in 6, 8 and 10 ply ratings which provide a wider set of options than many off road tire manufacturers will offer with their models.

Superswamper VorTrac

The VorTrac tire series from Superswamper shares the same wide girth as the above three models. However, it differs slightly from the rest because of its less aggressive tread structure. VorTrac has a symmetrical block pattern that closely aligns the shoulder blocks, the treads and mid rib next to each other. Its spec options have widths that lie between 9.6 and 10 inches. What you consequently get is large noise reduction in the tire, ultra performance on highways in addition to off road areas and great stability due to the increased contact patch of the tire.

By: Sean Bowes
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