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Superlift® Level-It lift systems are the answer to the problem of finding a way to easily, effectively and economically get rid of the factory rake on nearly all late-model trucks and SUVs, and/or to allow for the addition of a larger wheel and tire package. Level-It kits are precisely engineered to cooperate with OEM suspension components to produce a modest lift without the extended work that is required with a full suspension lift. Installation commonly takes about two hours and can provide 1½ to 3½ inches of lift height (depending on the vehicle). In addition, all Level-It system components are backed by Superlift's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Superlift Leveling Kit

- Leveling Methods

  • Mounts on top of the factory strut assembly
  • Allows the use of plus-size wheels / tires
  • Easy installation and removal – no strut disassembly required
  • Ideal for restoring height lost from heavy front bumper / winch combos
  • Enhances appearance by leveling the stance of the vehicle
  • 10.9 grade metric hardware included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Strut Extensions

The majority of late-model ½-ton trucks and SUVs make use of a coilover strut for the front suspension; basically, the shock is wrapped in the coil spring in one compact unit. For vehicles with this suspension configuration, an extension of the strut is one of the most basic methods for providing the lift. To achieve the extension, a spacer made to the vehicles specifications is added to the top of the OE strut assembly. By using this method, the coil-spring isn't pre-loaded so ride-quality isn't compromised and the factory shock isn't over-extended. There's no need to modify any factory parts and dissassembling the the strut isn't required. Strut extensions are also easily removable, if necessary, and some applications include modified extension stops (when needed). Superlift Level-It strut extensions are the most inexpensive and efficient method of leveling the stance of your late-model truck.

  • Heavy-duty forged steel construction is 25% stronger than OEM keys
  • Provided 1½” to 2½” of adjustable lift height
  • Designed to grab the “flat” of the torsion bar for a tighter fit
  • High-gloss powdercoated finish
  • Shock extensions included with some applications
  • 10.9 grade metric hardware included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Torsion Keys

Torsion bar systems generally have a modicum of adjustability designed into them from the manufacturer. This adjustment is actuated by way of a bolt that indexes on a torsion key that is afixed to the torsion bar. Increasing or "cranking up" the OE system is not the proper way to try to attain minor amounts of lift, due to a number of factors. Superlift Level-It torsion keys are 'plug & play' replacements for the OEM parts, but feature different torsion bar indexing. Superlift Level-It forged-steel torsion keys are 25% stronger than the cast OE parts, and when needed, new metric hardware is included to prevent "over-cranking" the bars. Shock extension and mounting tool adapters are also included with some applications.

  • Steel-encased urethane spacer construction will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time
  • Urethane provides a smooth and quiet ride
  • Some spacer kits include shock extensions
  • Lift blocks include OEM features for proper spring pad engagement and bumpstop function
  • Block kits include U-bolts and hardware
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Coil Spacers / Block Kits

Much in the way that coilover systems use a coilover spacer to gain a bit of ride height, coil spring systems use a coil-spring spacer to do the same. In most 4WD vehicles, the coil spring spacer is fabbed from laser-cut steel and is mounted on top of the OE coil spring. Many 2WD vehicles employ a urethane spacer that's enveloped in steel. It wont decay or decrease ride height over time and use. Both of these designs result in silent operation as the suspension does it's thing. Shock extensions are include when needed.

Something to consider is that with some taller lifts (3 - 3½"), the amount of lift is more than the OE rake which ends with a slightly low rear or a 'reverse-rake'.