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    Monster Storage
    The new breed in truck bed slides
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    Double the Work
    Double the Play

    Whether you need serious storage for serious business or whether you simply just want to play harder, SlideZilla's bunk system let you load up on everything you need.
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    Bite Off More Storage
    SlideZilla's patented top-tray design features 10¾" of space below the deck, turning your truck bed into a beast.
  • slidezilla storage
    Monster Width for Monster Storage
    SlideZilla is 10 inches wider than the competition. Combine that extra width with two levels of storage, and you'll see how SlideZilla maximizes capacity better than anyone else.
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SlideZilla Sliding Truck Bed Tray

What will you haul?
As a truck owner, there are expectations as to what your truck can handle in the way of cargo and versatility. Now you can get more out of your truck thanks to SlideZilla's evolutionary top-tray slide; a monster storage system that, for all intents and purposes, doubles the size of your truck bed. Positioned above the wheel wells, this innovative one-of-a-kind design creates an intuitive and easy-to-use, 'bunk' style storage system that turns your truck bed into a cargo-hauling beast.

slidezilla warranty SlideZilla backs this monster with a titan of a promise.

SlideZilla, backs their products with a comprehensive 5-year warranty to the original owner upon registration, within one month after purchase. So while you may have a monster in your bed, rest easy knowing it's the kind of monster you can sleep well with at night.
TURN YOUR BEAST INTO A MONSTER. Play harder thanks to SlideZilla. Generously wider than ordinary slides, SlideZilla's patented elevated design* positions the tray above the wheel wells, creating its wide-tray design, spacious enough to haul all your gear.

*Patent # 7,111,887

FULL-EXTENSION DECK Designed to fit a variety of short, medium and long truck beds, SlideZilla extends past the tail gate, making it easy to retrieve cargo.

1,000-POUND CAPACITY Stainless-steel bearings and a powder-coat finish combine to create a durable deck.
Hover Your Mouse Here to Load Up SlideZilla!slidezilla loader
Folding Ramps
Designed to bridge the Elevated Sliding Tray to the truck's tailgate, this accessory works in conjunction with most "off-the-shelf" ramps that go from the ground to the tailgate.*
  • 500-lb. capacity each
  • Pin lock for extended or folded position
  • 16½" wide, 28" long, 1¼" thick **
  • Fold-away design
  • Green powder-coated steel
Hidden Drawer
Store smaller tools in the sliding drawer, hidden from view in the stowed position.**

The hidden drawer and folding ramps cannot be used together.
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • 25-lb. capacity
  • Positive-latching mechanism
  • Nylon strap pull handle
Storage Leg
Tack on more storage. Replace the left or right frame leg (or both) with the storage leg, creating convenient compartment space.
  • 1½" deep storage pocket
  • Ideal for bungee cords, cargo straps or flares
  • Positive-latching, bottom-hinged door

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