Slide Them, Roll Them, Lift Those Lund Tonneau Covers

Lund logo showcasing a tonneau cover
There are two kinds of Tonneau cover manufacturers in the market today. Manufacturers who specialize in specific types of tonneau constructions and those that build a variety of types. The specialists may make folding covers, roll ups or hinged ones. Lund Tonneau covers, however, has all these types of covers in a wide range of designs. They are enough to allow you to pick up the type that suits your preferences.

Slide Them Off

The Genesis Snap Tonneau cover is one of Lund’s tonneau covers that simply slides off from the black frame beneath it much like a cloth and can be laid back on top just as easily. This makes it an extremely light weight solution for covering your truck bed. Such light weight covers have amazing ability to cut down fuel consumption and to optimize the vehicle’s drag coefficient for smoother movement.

It is made of premium vinyl material that resembles black leather and has bows and rails that protect your bed from water, snow and any other element. The Elite Snap covers and Elite Seal and Peel Lund Tonneau Covers are the other slide-able cover from Lund Tonneau covers. They are made from a luxurious twill weave material that makes it impervious to the same kinds of elements.
Lund logo showcasing a lund tonneau cover

Roll Them Out

Lund’s Genesis Roll Up Tonneau cover are easy to install and operate. They are made for tear resistant durable double sided fabric which not only makes them light weight but durable too. With their multi-fined rubber seal they protect the truck bed from moisture and dust quite effectively. And their tapered corners makes them easy to handle so you won’t have a difficult time rolling the up.

Lift Them Up

The liftable Tonneau covers from Lund International are hard shell covers that are supported by self-rising pneumatic struts. The cover models include Genesis Elite Steel Lund Tonneau Covers, Genesis Hinged Lund Tonneau Covers and Genesis™ Elite Hinged Lund Tonneau Covers. Each of these covers has a 120 pound manufactured from galvanized steel.
CLose up picture of a tonneau cover

This the best guaranteed for truck bed protection you can find since they are stronger than fiberglass hinged tonneau covers in the market hence they effectively resist shattering, cuts, water and UV rays. This ensures that the smooth OEM-style coloured finish that they come with lasts for the longest timeframe. On the side rails you will find a weather-tight seal and automatic latch system near the the tailgate for an all round protective structure.

By: Sean Bowes
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