Skyjacker Suspension Lift Kits For Both Coil and Leaf Spring Systems

Skyjacker Suspension Lift Kits
For over 40 years, Skyjacker has made suspension kits whose great quality all truck drivers can attest to. The suspension kits are built to work in a variety of truck brands including Chevys, GMC, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan and Cadillac amongst many others. Not only are the kits made in specific truck brand packages, Skyjacker has gone ahead and packaged their suspension equipment to fit specific models of cars under each truck make. Therefore if you drive a Chevy Avalanche 1500 4WD truck, what you will get is the precise Chevy Avalanche 1500 suspension deal. The same goes to Mazda Navajo 2WD and 4WD owners, Dodge Ram, Dodge Nitro owners and so on. While the components of Skyjacker suspension kits for different car models may differ from brand to brand, there are a few items that are essentially common. They include:
  • Coil Springs
  • Leaf Springs
Skyjacker Coil Springs Lift Kits

Coil Springs

The spring is an essential part of any truck suspension system. Some vehicles utilize coil springs while others have leaf springs. Coil springs are the more common form of spring used in most modern trucks. They work by dampening the forces exerted on the vehicle’s body by the ground. This means that the coil compresses its length when the surface the truck is travelling on rises and it extends when the ground is further away thus maintaining a smooth ride overall. The diameter of the wire used to build the spring determines how strong the coil spring will be. For off road trucks, the thicker the spring is the better the ride thus making your journey less risky. With a new set of springs in your suspension kit you can raise your vehicle height significantly. For instance, Skyjacker suspension kits for 2010 H2 Hummers have rear coil springs and corresponding equipment that can give the vehicle a 5.5 inch lift.

Leaf Springs

Skyjacker Leaf Springs Lift Kits
Certain vehicles such as Mazdas, Dodges and Jeeps make use of leaf springs in their suspension systems. The leaf spring model in a suspension system can either be a mono leaf model or a multi leaf model. With a multi leaf model, what you get is a set of leaves stacked against each other. They are made of steel and bear different lengths. Therefore in the event of compression or extension, the leaves curve against each other’s length to absorb tension. With a mono leaf structure, there is only one leaf which has a thicker middle and tapered ends. The most common problem with multi-leaf springs as opposed to mono leaf springs is the resultant friction caused while the springs move against each other. However, they are easier to adjust to personal specification if you are looking to give your vehicle a suspension lift. While giving a mono leaf spring system a lift requires a complete replacement, multi leaf springs only need you to add a leaf or two to achieve certain intervals of height increments. With Skyjacker add-a-leaf kits which also come with blocks and u bolts, making the adjustment on your leaf spring system is a piece of cake.

By: Sean Bowes
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