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Rubicon Express 5% Off Plus Free Shipping! The Rubicon Express Suspension Lift Kits are world recognized as the best performance suspension lift kits available for Jeep. Rubicon Express manufacturers suspension lift kits for most Jeep models from the latest Wrangler JK, to the venerable Jeep CJ, Rubicon even makes off road capable suspension lift kits for Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Rubicon was founded to manufacture suspension lift kits for Jeep that not only provide clearance for taller wheel/tire combos, but also provide the exceptional articulation and wheel travel for maximum off road traction while maintaining safe and comfortable highway ride characteristics. Simply put...If you've got a Jeep, any Jeep, and you are planning to go off road with it, hitting the trails, rock crawling etc...There is no better option than Rubicon Express Suspension Lift Kits. Rubicon Express has always been close to the terrain that they design their suspension lifts to tackle. Situated near the legendary Rubicon Trail, they test all their Jeep Suspension Lifts in real hard-core trail conditions. Rubicon Express Suspension Lifts for Jeep are the real thing, get yours today and get out there! Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Rubicon Express is well renowned the world over for its production of high-tech quality suspension Lift Kits for the Jeep. Whether you’re looking for a Lift Kit for the latest Wrangler JK, Jeep CJ, Cherokee, or grand Cherokee, Rubicon express has it all for you. The 2 to 7.5 inch lift provides promises you access over off road bumpy areas, heavy ridge areas and even that rocky road. Read More...
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Rubicon Express Jeep suspension lift kits are worldly recognized for the excellent performance on challenging of-road terrains. You can choose from different Rubicon Express Jeep lift kits and upgrades. These include Extreme Crossmember kits, Super-Ride kits, Super-Flex kits, Spacer kits with shocks, long arm upgrade kits and Extreme-Duty long arm kits. With this Rubicon Express suspension lift system, you enjoy enhanced traction during off-road driving and smooth handling for highway cruising.
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Rubicon Express is a premier manufacturer of lift kits as well as other suspension accessories for Jeep. It produces the best suspension lifts for Jeep enthusiasts who are looking towards improving the performance and quality of off-road products since 1996. Rubicon express accessories are tested for safety and quality and can easily tackle the toughest terrain. The suspension lifts are easy to install and some of the required tools for the installation include basic mechanic hand tools, spring compressor and Jack stands and Jack floor.

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Choose the best, Choose Rubicon Express. When looking for suspension, look for value and performance. We understand that durability, on and off-road handling and serviceability are some of the most valued features when making this choice. Pick the most complete, best working Long Arm suspension package available.

Rubicon Express offers a huge variety of Jeep suspension and steering parts. All components are designed to work as a system with Rubicon Express suspension kits. However, many parts like steering stabilizers and shocks can be added onto other manufacturer’s lifts. All the parts of a Rubicon Express Jeep Suspension Lift are created of the highest quality metals and plastics and are flawlessly finished in paint or powder coat depending on application. As most of Rubicon Express Suspension Lift Kits are designed with an upgrade path, most kits are available piece by piece.

Specifically calibrated and tested for each vehicle Rubicon Express mono-tube shocks provide excellent heat dissipation resulting in dependable performance under all conditions. The large 46mm sintered metal velocity-sensitive piston for more consistent performance. The Nitro steel piston rods, won't chip or peel like chrome rods and the viton seal and low friction piston rod bearing for long life. Rubicon Express Shocks are available with remote reservoir and are fully serviceable and tunable. Polyurethane bushings are more responsive and durable powder coated finish resists scratches. Robotic welds for greater consistency. Rubicon Express Shocks are manufactured in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you're looking for an add-a-leaf or 5.5" front coil for your Jeep, you'll find it here, at the lowest prices with free shipping. Rubicon Express Leaf Springs are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. When you buy a Rubicon Express Leaf Springs you're not getting an average product. All coils and leafs are designed to provide the most performance and durability. Instead of using high spring rates that cause a rough ride they use high quality steel with lower rates that allow your Jeep to articulate off-road while still providing a controlled on-road ride.

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