RotopaX Gasoline Packs

Product Features:

  • RotopaX Gasoline Pack are color coded red to avoid confusion from other packs like water pack which is white.
  • RotopaX Gasoline Pack are tough i.e they have thicker walls and stronger building making it leak-proof along with a sure seal gasket to guarantee your spout wont leak or vibrate loose. With RotopaX Gasoline Pack you are sure to ride longer with extended fuel capacity.
  • These fuel safe bottles will not leak and can be stored in any justification that gets you anywhere.
  • Like all Rotopax Products, the RotopaX Gasoline Packs are rotationally molded for strength and a lifetime of durable use.
  • Factory Warranty
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Product Specs:

  • Manufacturer
    • RotopaX
  • Warranty Information
    • Factory Warranty

More About RotopaX:


Roto-molded products are superior to any other fuel and plastic storage containers available Blow-molded products, such as low-priced plastic gas containers that are commonly available are cheap to make, but they tend to fade away, are less tough, and may are likely to face extra faults such as dripping. RotopaX containers yield the following advantages:

Durability: Rotopax can take a beating thanks to multilayered construction, special plastic barrier material and leak proof sealing gaskets at the lid.

Color coded: A different bright and recognizable color is assigned to each type of liquid or storage type. These colors will NOT fade in continuous exposure to UV rays.

No Leaks: RotopaX containers are escape proof! special plastic compounds, multi-layered walls and highly effective gaskets mean no spills, ever, as long as you can remember to twist the cap on tight!

Why are RotopaX superior?

Easy Mounting RotopaX make use of largely-available mounting brackets which make mounting and storing your RotopaX even stress-free. RotopaX packs can be used independently. RotopaX future? RotopaX is the only containment array that gives you the ability to mix and match your packs at will. Get one RotopaX container today, get another tomorrow, collect them all eventually. They all work together. And that’s what RotopaX calls innovation!