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RotopaX fuel water and storage containers are extremely strong roto-moulded containers that are flexible in design to let numerous combinations suit any need for on-the-go storage containment and transport. RotopaX containers are greater and far more resilient than the common blow-moulded containers and provide many benefits such as thicker crush resistant walls and a leak-proof gasket. The unique construction of RotopaX containers make them the ONLY fuel containers to currently be CARB and EPA certified for leakage security.

Learn More About RotopaX

RotopaX containers are so called due to their unique rotational molding process. Also known by the term "spincasting" this molding process involves successive layers of polymer being deposited at a uniform thickness with no seams for ultimate strength. The RotopaX molds operated by skilled USA craftsmen rotate constantly throughout the creation process from hot to cool-down to prevent any sagging or deformation from occuring. Other fuel cans made by the inferior "blow-mold" process suffer from all these flaws.

The greatest feature of RotopaX is that it is a modular system that can go from just one gas container to mix and match of fuel, water, emergency preparedness, dry storage and more, all in a color coded, easy to organize, stackable system. When you are ready to hit the trails, simply lock whatever container units you need into place and go. Upon safe return from your journey with the help of RotopaX, just remove them from the vehicle and re-attach to their brackets on your garage wall, up and out of the way, ready and waiting for the next adventure. Trust RotopaX to get you there and back!

Rotopax attaches easily to Truck Beds, Jeeps, ATVs & UTVs, Adventure Touring & Off Road Motorcycles, Dune Buggies or ANY vehicle you can think of!