Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Information

Roll-up tonneau covers are some of the best tonneau covers as they allow full access of the truck bed at all times. These are very popular covers on the market because of their low prices, dependability and reliability no matter what the weather. Roll-Up tonneau covers offer upgraded protection and resilience with ease of installation that requires no drilling or modifications.
Yellow truck covered with a soft tonneau cover


Roll-Up tonneau covers are quick and easy to install requiring no prior technical skills. Most of these covers will fit perfectly on the truck without using any tools or drilling. These covers can be installed piece-by-piece onto the truck bed by one person without any assistance. With roll-up truck bed covers, there is nothing bulky to hold during installation and the whole process takes less than 15 minutes depending on the type of the cover and your experience with tonneau covers.
Grey truck covered with a soft tonneau cover

They Are Affordable

Roll-Up tonneau covers are very affordable compared to most other tonneau covers. While the hard folding covers can retail slightly above a thousand dollars, most roll-up truck bed covers will just cost you a few hundred dollars. Affordability is a very important factor for any vehicle owner looking to buy aftermarket accessories.

Protecting Your Cargo

Just like any other tonneau cover, the most important thing with roll-up covers is keeping your cargo safe. The truck bed is designed for carrying cargo and thus you do not want it damaged by rain or stolen. Roll-up truck bed covers offer unparalleled convenience that you will not find from any other tonneau cover. These covers can be pushed out of the way when loading cargo and be rolled back up when you are done. Roll-up bed covers are also perfect for those who have larger items to carry around on the back of the truck. All you have to do is push the cover slightly out of the way to allow the cargo being carried to fit perfectly. The convenience that allows you to just “roll” the cover out is just phenomenal.
Grey truck covered with a soft tonneau cover

Better Truck Performance

In today’s economy gas mileage is very important and getting the roll-up tonneau cover can help you improve gas mileage. Lowering the tailgate will not help improve gas mileage as most people think, you will need a quality tonneau cover for this. With the roll-up cover, the air comes over the cab and flows smoothly off the back. This improves aerodynamics and reduces drag for better performance of the truck.

By: James Langston
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