Rockstar Wheels: From Rockstar I to Rockstar II

The fascinating thing about Rockstar wheels is that they have an easily identifiable structure. They feature a design that fuses perfectly with well known truck tire brands such as the Nitto Mud Grappler. Because of Rockstar wheel’s record for taking champions successfully through off road competitions, the wheels are a favorite amongst off road racers. They are made of aluminum material and therefore have a lightweight characteristic that makes them easier to steer and handle. Coupled with the right set of tires, this should allow you to have your truck under easy control. In addition to this the wheels give better acceleration and faster braking response when the pedal is put to the metal.

These are all advantageous and attractive qualities that every Rockstar wheel owner derives from his wheels. The original models of Rockstar wheels possessed these qualities. This included the XD775 Series.

Rockstar Finishes

These wheels come in a variety of finishes and some are also made as dually wheels. The XD775 for instance is an all inclusive wheel with a variety of finishes and structures. The finishes include: a matte black, chrome and machined versions. These wheels also come designed in dually wheel profiles. Each of them can be bought in dually sets to fit into your dually truck. The XD755 Rockstar Car however stands alone as the only Rockstar wheel in the XD755 series that is suited exclusively for cars.

Differences in Spoke Patterns

Just like the rest of wheels, this wheel is made with a five spoke pattern that is relatively simplistic in nature. Looking at the spoke shapes, you can tell that a minimal profile is what they were going for. The main difference with the XD755 Rockstar Car though can be seen in the flat surface of the spokes which lie parallel to the flange. The wheel is only available in matte black which means a limited range of options for car owners as opposed to truck drivers.

What about the New Rockstar II Series

After the first Rockstar series became a popular hit, KMC decided to push the concept and introduce the Rockstar II XD811 series. What was new with these rims? They had additional color options. You could get your XD811 Rockstar II wheel in black, black machined and bright PVD. With the positive results that Bright PVD coating has had previously for many aftermarket wheel owners, it was only imperative that KMC took up the new innovation and included the finish on its wheels. The XD811 Rockstar II therefore has an amazing bright gleam all over it with black bolt-on accent pieces on it that you can customize to a color of your liking.

By: Sean Bowes
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