REVTEK Supsension Lifts

Revtek Supsension Lifts

REVTEK is known for rugged and affordable suspension lift systems in the market today. That's why 4 Wheel Online, as a retailer, is proud to have this product as one of our best and most customer-friendly suspension lift systems.

It was in 2000 when REVTEK introduced and marketed the Toyota REVTEK Lift. Since then, the most recent applications REVTEK has consists of the following car makers: most late models of Chevrolet/GMC trucks and SUVs, Toyota trucks and SUVs, Ford F150, SuperDuty trucks and Excursion SUVs, Dodge Ram trucks, Jeep SUVs and Nissan truck REVTEK Lifts.

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Adjustable Track Bar Kit
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Brake Line Kit
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Differential Drop Kit
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REVTEK Articles and Reviews
Picking the best REVTEK Suspension
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After Revtek developed the Toyota Revtek Lift kit, it became a hit in the market. Every Toyota trucker wanted a set and so it was only natural for the company to serve other car brands as well. So following the release of the Toyota Revtek kit, Revtek’s line-up expanded to kits that serve Chevys, Dodges, Fords, Nissans and Jeeps. These are all the main truck brands that are trusted and loved by American drivers. Read More...
What You Are Really Getting When You Buy a REVTEK Suspension Kit?
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On the most basic level a suspension kit is a set of tools that helps to increase your vehicle’s height. Suspension lifts have been known to increase dent tolerance when the truck meets obstacles on the way. They also provide a greater safety margin when towing large cargo. It’s thus important for you to know exactly what equipment you are purchasing before you make an order for a RevTek suspension lift kit. Read More..

More About Revtek

4 Wheel Online can make a difference in your vehicles' parts enhancements, availability of materials and capability of those parts to last during the off-road activities. REVTEK Industries is one of best and trusted in the line of Suspension Lift Systems.

REVTEK Industries emerged in the market in 2000 showcasing their suspension lift systems for Toyota. A decade later, they had already introduced suspension lift systems for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Nissan. While REVTEK produces outstanding lift kits, REVTEK also offers springs, and a lot of other off-road 4X4 suspension components. REVTEK products are easy to install, superior in ride and construction, and manufactured to maintain the highest quality in the industry.

The Revtek Mission

"We continue to evolve with our products. Our goal is to Raise Your Perspective. We make installer friendly, rugged kits. Everything we make is designed to be superior and give you worry-free perfomance.


REVTEK Suspension warrants their lift kits with a limited lifetime warranty to be free from material and workmanship defects. The warranty is non-transferable and is limited to the repair or replacement of the product.