Revolution Gear & Axle

Revolution Gear & Axle formerly known as Revolution Gear has been in the industry for 30 years and just recently opened for directly selling through Their product line consist of ring and pinion sets, axle shafts, lockers, overhaul kits, and other related components. All of these parts are proudly manufactured from the U.S and made from quality materials. The wide range of drivetrain and differential components of Revolution Gear & Axle are available for different applications like trucks, Jeeps, even hot rods.

Enthusiasts and other hobbyist will definitely benefit from these performance products, displaying excellent American quality and craftsmanship the industry is clamoring for. With the swarm of overseas manufactured aftermarket parts flooding the market today, Revolution Gear & Axle sees to compete with only the excellent parts you deserve. They all come at a very low factory price and covered by a 2-Year Warranty for ring and pinion sets, 10-Year Warranty for precision gears for hot rods.