Bushwacker Fender Flares have a Reputation for Style

You know the kind of person who is just a bit too desperate to impress – the guy with loads of gold chains around his neck, oversized Rolex on his wrist, one of those tight shirts with silver gothic writing... yeah that guy.

bushwacker f150

Bushwacker fender flares are
stylish without being show-off

Of course that guy doesn’t just over-compensate with the clothes and jewelry he wears, it’s the same story with his truck. Too much chrome and bling, oversized wheels that are too big, vanity plate, all that jazz…

There’s nothing wrong with making a few mods to your truck to give it a touch of style, but no one wants to take it to the ugly extremes that guy does.

Bushwacker: Style and Innovation for 45 Years

When it comes to truck styling no one does it better than Bushwacker. Combining craftsmanship with an eye for detail and visual excellence, Bushwacker fender flares make a truck stand out from the crowd without making you look like that guy.

Instead of in-your-face, look-at-me flares that look more like Dumbo’s ears, Bushwacker's designers have developed fender flares that integrate perfectly with a truck or SUV to give it a purposeful look while still keeping it stylish. It’s this way of thinking that has made Bushwacker the leader in fender flares for 45 years.

What’s Better About Bushwacker?

modified truck

This guy thought he could
do better than Bushwacker fender
flares. He was wrong

Ease of installation, quality of materials and superb looks are what make Bushwacker fender flares among the best on the market.Each set of Bushwacker fender flares is made of exclusive materials specially designed to be impact resistant for use on or off-road. Tough and durable, Bushwacker backs all it flares with a warranty against warping, cracking and UV damage.

  • Bushwacker flares are carefully designed to utilize factory holes to minimize or eliminate the need for drilling. Many can be mounted in minutes with nothing more than a socket wrench or screwdriver.
  • All Bushwacker flares are styled to look the best form any angle and to perfectly fit the body panels/contours of the vehicle.

5 Bushwacker Fender Flare Options to Suit any Vehicle

Bushwacker offer 5 distinct fender flare styles to cater to the character of a vehicle and its owner’s taste.

  • Street Style – Easy to fit installation adding about 0.75” of flare.
  • OE Style – Easy install adds 1.75” of coverage.
  • Extend-A-Fender – Accommodates oversize wheels/tires with 2” extra flare.
  • bronco fender flare

    New vehicles or old, Bushwacker fender
    flares bring out the best in a pickup

  • Pocket Style – Bold 2.5” flare with no cutting.
  • Cut-Out – Adds big 3.75” flare to accommodate largest wheels/tires.

* All sizes are based on averages for each range and may differ slightly depending on precise vehicle/model.

If you want your pickup to reflect that you are a stylish guy, but not that guy, check out the Bushwacker fender flare range. You can see all Bushwacker Products at 4WheelOnline.

By John Bone

Posted on September 3rd, 2013
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