Skyjacker - Reach for the Sky

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Skyjacker has been making off-road
suspensions for over 35 years

In the world of suspension kits and lift kits there’s one name that towers above everyone else – Skyjacker.

Some of the other manufacturers talk about 3” or 4” lift kits like they’re higher than Mount Everest, but at Skyjacker a 3” or 4” lift is kids’ stuff. Skyjacker lift kits go up to a dizzying 8” and 10” – more than enough to fit super-chunky 39” and 40” tires.

Tall or Small: How High do You want to Lift Your Truck?

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Skyjacker’s lift kits come complete with
everything you’ll need to raise your truck

Lifting a truck anywhere above 4” is a major task, so a lot of people prefer lift kits that only give them a couple of inches lift. 1” to 3” of lift gives all the extra room needed to fit 35” or 37” tires, look good and doesn’t require a fortune being spent modifying and changing other components. A lift kit of 3” or under is an affordable and popular modification to make to a truck or SUV.

Lifting a truck over 4” or 5” is a whole different story. Now you’re changing the wheel geometry and may have to alter other suspension components to maintain the correct ride and handling. Lift kits 6” and above require serious modifications to the suspension, gearing, steering and ancillaries (brake lines etc.). With all the work required these tall lifts aren’t cheap, but for the serious rock crawler or custom trucker they are the only way to go.

Everything You Need Under the Skyjacker Roof

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Skyjacker is synonymous with off-roading

Skyjacker has been making suspension systems for off-road vehicles for over 35 years. It has a passion for the great outdoors and off-road adventure which has driven it to develop the most comprehensive range of suspension systems, shocks, springs and components available. If you need it, Skyjacker makes it.

Because Skyjacker makes everything under one roof it can develop suspension systems that integrate perfectly into a vehicle. This has made the company extremely popular with off-roaders and truck mod specialists because they know a Skyjacker component has been made to fit perfectly with and work in harmony with other Skyjacker products. It’s a soup-to-nuts system that means you only need to shop the Skyjacker brand and not have to mix ‘n’ match components and hope they work together.With Skyjacker you also the get the freedom of choice you won’t find at most other suspension manufacturers. Skyjacker lift kits range from 1” to 10” and there are several performance levels to suit off-road, highway cruising, or city driving conditions.

If you want your truck to reach for the sky while keeping the handling and ride quality to your liking, look no further than the Skyjacker range.

By John Bone

Posted on October 11th, 2013
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