Rancho Suspension’s Progress from RS5000 to RS9000 Shocks

Having started as Rancho Jeep Supply in the 1950s, Rancho began its business placing its main concern on Jeep car parts. These included bumpers, doors and racks. Thirty five years later the company became intensively involved in shock absorber production. This led to the launch of its most acclaimed shock absorber model, the RS5000 and many more successful developments based on this prototype.
Rancho Suspension Lift Kits


This shock system from Rancho Suspension Lift kits is regarded as the shock of choice amongst light truck drivers and SUVs. The RS5000 can perform equally well on lifted and non-lifted trucks. This is because it is fitted with a ten stage velocity valving system. The system allows the driver to tune it both for the level of suspension lift that his truck has been adjusted to and for the kind of terrain he is going to be driving on. It is fortified with strength and durability by the 5/8 inch diameter piston rod inside it and the 1 3/8 piston disc allows it to have highly versatile performance in varying environments. To keep the shock rod and oil seal protected the RS5000 also features a protective boot. The RS5000 has now been developed into an improved version: the RS5000 x which stands out above other shock absorbers due to its advanced compression phase. It is a twin tube gas charged shock whose gas pressurization reaches 150 PSI. This high pressurization level allows minimal air to oil mixture which can dampen the shock effect on the truck.

Rancho Suspension Lift Kits

RSX Shock absorber

The RSX series of shocks from Rancho was introduced in 1998 following the success of the RS5000 in the eighties. These shock absorbers were meant for off road usage and were referred to by industry experts as the industry’s first intelligent shocks. This is because they are self adjusting and thus allow easy movement over more than one terrain type. Self adjusting shocks are an essential part of off road driving because, who would really want to make adjustments on his suspension system each time he wants to cruise over a rocky tract? That’s right, Nobody. The Rancho RSX shock series also feature the exclusive Reflex technology which is a patented innovation developed to sense road condition and provide the needed level of steering and braking control to the driver.
Rancho Suspension Lift Kits


Rancho opened its doors to the new millennium with a new line of products. The RS9000 was introduced as a shock that would push the boundaries of previous intelligent shock systems. It is nitrogen charged with a large 18 mm nitro carb rod and an overall 2.75 inch body diameter. It also comes with a nine position tuning system which is a large step forward from the five position tuning system the RS5000 system started with.

By: Sean Bowes
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