Rancho Shocks Introduces the RS5000X Shock

Rancho has finally introduced its latest line up, the RS5000X shock series, to the world. These new shocks are designed to deliver controlled performance for sports utility vehicles and lifted trucks. The Rancho RS5000X line up has Cross-Tuned Technology, which is a new and unique valve design that ensures the ride is controlled and consistent especially if you have a bigger shock body.
Jeep Wrangler in the desert

2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show

Rancho introduced the RS5000X shocks at this year’s edition of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The shocks were up for display there and those who wanted to experience them in action were able to do so at the company’s booth.

These new shocks will be received well in the industry according to Chris Gauss, Director, performance brands, Tenneco, who said, “The Rancho RS5000X series gives vehicles found in North America – and around the world – another great choice for a performance shock.” He added, “By introducing a patented valve technology, enlarging the shock body and adding other key features that enhance the original design, enthusiasts will see more consistent performance and extended capabilities in a wide-variety of environments and regions.”
Jeep Wrangler rock climbing

Complete Upgrade

The new Rancho RS5000X shocks are complete upgrades and have larger 2.25-inch diameter reserve tubes that improve the oil capacity while ensuring the overall performance is enhanced. The bigger diameter of these shocks allows them to stay cooler and be consistent even in the most extreme conditions and at different vehicle speeds. This helps improve the durability of the shock itself.

The RS5000X shocks also have a solid 16mm nitro-carb rod that improves strength and durability when you are off road. These shocks are gas pressurised to improve the spring rate and this helps reduce foaming and fading. Also in these shocks are glass-filled fluon banded pistons that move smoothly for greater responsiveness on different terrains.

The RS5000X shocks have the classic bright white finish synonymous with Rancho’s products. Each shock also has the protective Ranch red boot.
Ford F-150 at the SEMA show 2014

Taking Over From the RS5000 Shocks

The new RS5000X shocks have been introduced to take over from the original RS5000 shocks that were launched in 1985. The RS5000 shocks have been very successful and are among the best-selling high-performance shock absorbers on the market. These shocks have been very popular with regular off roaders as they tend to be reliable and practical. With that, Rancho expects the all-new RS5000X to follow the same lead and take over the market in the next few years.

By: James Langston
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