Rancho Shock Absorber Reviews

Rancho was originally formed in the late 1950s in Long Beach California. They rose through the ranks of aftermarket truck accessory manufacturers by producing some of the best suspension lift kits and shock absorbers in the world.

In 1990, Ranch was purchased by Tenneco Inc., an American Fortune 500 company that generates over 7 billion dollars annually and has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 1999. In the nearly 25 year partnership, Rancho has invented alterations that have changed the shock absorber industry, including the world’s first ever five-way adjustable shock absorber. Currently, Rancho offers a variety of shock absorbers that are aimed at satisfying a wide variety of consumers.

The Rancho RS 5000 Provides Great All Around Support

The Rancho RS 5000 is one of Rancho’s most prized innovations. It was originally developed in 1988 and has become its highest selling product to date. Its performance has endured the test of time and still remains at the epoch of popularity today.

rancho5000The RS 5000 is a great All Around shock absorber.
The RS 5000 is designed for light performance trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles. It features an astounding 10 stage valve, which makes this shock absorber perfect for highway driving and off-roading! Also, the Rancho 5000 has an expanded tube design allowing more hydraulic fluid into the chamber and increasing the power of the shock absorption. In order to protect the larger tube from rocks and dirt, the RS 5000 has included an intricate design to keep it safe. For anyone shopping for an overall solid shock absorber, the RS 5000 is a great choice.

The Rancho RS 9000 XL- Heavy Duty Support

If you need a shock absorber that goes above and beyond, the Rancho RS 9000 XL is the perfect choice. It’s great for hauling trailers, boats, and campers, as well as any other intense activity that you may face.

rancho 9000 XLFor heavy duty support, drivers may want to consider the increased strength of the RS 9000 XL.
One of the best things about the RS 9000 XL is its ability to easily change its function (it is similar to having 9 shock absorbers in 1), so it can handle any job at hand. This function is easily used by just turning the red knob towards the top of the shock absorber. In addition to this, the RS 9000 XL has increased strength and durability, which stems from an oversized shock body that holds higher amounts of hydraulic fluid.

For over 60 years, Rancho has been working on refining their products. 4 Wheel Online is proud to carry both the RS 5000 and the RS 9000 XL because they are great for a variety of situations. Now, it’s time for you to determine which one is better for you. 4WheelOnline offers a full selection of Truck Shocks.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 11th, 2013
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