Pulse Tech Battery Chargers

PulseTech’s wide range selection of products has come to cater the needs of bikers, for the smart choice for battery chargers. This exclusive Pulse Technology helps prevent and reduce battery sulfation and extends battery life up to 5 times!

The idea of Pulse Technology is to solve the premature battery death syndrome which interferes with the battery’s ability to accept, hold and deliver charges to the motorcycle. This syndrome has been an output of one or both of the following reasons: the battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time. Pulse Technology’s patented system literally cleans batteries of sulfation build up, returns lead sulfate back to the electrolyte solution, restores them to normal operation and lengthens battery’s lifespan much longer.

The PulseTech battery charger is guaranteed safe! Aside from being reliable, safety above all is the most important feature of Pulse Technology. In addition, its battery charger is suitable for all flooded, Gel, AGM and other maintenance free batteries. PulseTech offers products with high standards capable of guaranteeing the motorcycle battery’s safety, adds reliability and improves efficiency.

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