Pro Comp
Pro Runner™ Monotube Shocks

Drive with confidence on and off road with Pro Comp's Pro Runner and Pro Runner SS Monotube Shocks. The Pro Runner Series are designed to provide your truck race quality performance on the track or on the road. It features Zinc Plated, Nitrogen powered monotube shocks that improves the performance of the truck during rebound and compression. The Pro Comp Pro Runner Series are specifically engineered to maximize the performance of your truck. Improve your truck's handling and drivability with Pro Comp Pro Runner and Pro Runner SS Monotube Shocks.

Pro Comp Pro Runner SS™delivers outstanding performance and stylish look for your truck. Fabricated with Pro Comp's quality and durability, the Pro Runner SS™ is specially made for late truck models and SUVs with coilover strut configurations independent front suspensions. The Pro Runner SS™ features Pro Comp's patent pending height adjustable 180°SS™ collar. This breakthrough enables truck owners to adjust the front height of their vehicle depending on the application. Keeping the truck's stock height or adjusting the front of the truck for larger tire clearances is possible with Pro Runner SS™'s CNC machined 6061-T6 height adjustable collar. The Pro Runner SS™ billet collars are also upgradeable to match the look of your truck, choose from anodized Blue, Red or Black.

Trust only the Pro Runner™ Monotube shocks when it comes to heavy duty and reliable performance for on and off-road on your Chevy/GMC Truck. The Pro Comp Pro Runner™ Monotube Shocks are specially manufactured to perfectly fit Chevy/GMC trucks' chassis for better shock absorption and drivability. This also gives confidence while towing or threading in the mud. The Pro Comp Pro Runner™ Monotube Shocks are manufactured to work with Pro Comp Stage I 6'' Suspension System. Pro Comp Pro Runner™ Monotube Shocks enables the Chevy/GMC Truck to fit in tires up 33'' with its 1.75''front lift height. We are offering these quality suspension products from Pro Comp at the lowest price! You can also choose to upgrade your billet clamps to match the look and feel of your Chevy/GMC Truck.