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Premium Tonneau Covers

Premium Tonneau Covers is in the business of making the best quality, and affordable truck-bed covers on the market, today. Premium tonneau covers are manufactured of top-of-the-line materials in order to assure a lifetime of service and exposure to elements and wear. Premium tonneau covers are attainable in three designs: the Premium Soft Tri-folding, the Premium Soft Roll-up and the Premium Hard Folding tonneau cover. Covering all of the bases, Premium provides the versatility and style that is sought-after in the tonneau cover market.

Premium Truck Bed Covers

Premium provides everything you want or need out of a tonneau cover; from security for valuable goods stowed in the bed, and protection from inclimate conditions, improved gas mileage, to sleek good looks that complement the style of your truck - all without having to sacrifice in the way of build quality or unloading your wallet. With the use of a high quality Premium tonneau cover, you'll save money in more than just the low cost, but also in the way of reduced drag over the bed. This translates to better aerodynamics and lower fuel cost through reduced wind resistance in the bed area. Premium Covers essentially pay for themselves just in fuel savings! Premium Covers install in moments with no drilling required.